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    DB - Find the capacity of a cylindrical tank

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    1. Find the capacity of a cylindrical tank that is 250 feet in diameter and 30 feet high?

    2. In the above problem, what is the capacity if the tank is 75% full, and what is the capacity in gallons?

    3. If 50 pounds of chlorine are mix with 100 pounds of water, what is per cent chlorine solution that is made?

    4. Find the amount of water in a rectangular tank with a base length of 200 feet, base width of 50 feet and a height of 40 feet if the height of water in the tank is 35 feet?

    5. A pipeline is 24 inches in diameter and two miles long. How many cubic feet and how many gallons of water are in pipeline?

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    The tank capacity is simply the area of the cross section (a circle) multiplied by the tank height. The area of a circle is πD2/4 where D is the diameter.
    Tank capacity = Volume of tank = A x h = πD2/4 x h
    = π(250 feet)2/4 x 30 feet
    =1.473 x 106 cubic feet

    Regardless of the amount of liquid in the tank, tank capacity should remain the same. Converting tank capacity to gallons (1 cubic ...

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    The expert finds the capacity of a cylindrical tank that is 250 feet in diameter and 30 feet high.