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    Tank flow rate

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    With the valve closed, water flows from tank A to tank B as shown in the attachment. What is the flow rate into tank B, when the valve is opened to allow water to flow into tank C also? Neglect all minor losses and assume that the friction factor is 0.02 for all pipes.

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    Let us assume the head at junction (say point D) = H
    Therefore, the head loss between A and D is calculated below:

    hL(AD) = 15 - H
    L(AD) = 80 m, d = 0.1 m, f = 0.02
    hL(AD) = f*(L/d)*(va^2/2*g)
    => 15 - H = 0.02*(80/0.1)*(va^2/(2*9.8))
    => 15 - H = 0.816*va^2 (1)

    Between D ...

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    The answer provides the flow rate into one tank from the other, given certain distances and elevation of water pipes. By making the assumption that the head at junction (point D) equals H, the head loss between A and D was found, yielding other crucial figures relevant to finding the flow rate.