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A multi part calculation about volume flow rates in a leaking tank

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A tank of oil, p=670kg/m^3, develops a leak. The leak is 6m below the open surface of the tank.

A. If the leak is circular with a 7.5cm diameter, and the tank is 1.0 in diameter, what is the current volume flow rate of oil leaving the tank? Do not assume the tank is large compared to the leak.

B. In time the leak will be 5m below the surface of oil in the tank. What will be the volume flow rate at that time?

C. How much oil by volume has been lost from the tank between A and B? Justify answer please.

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a) Potential energy at the top of the tank = pi * (1)^2 *6 * 670 * g * 6

When the oil flows through the hole, all these is converted into Kinetic energy
= 1/2 * pi * 1^2 *6 * ...

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