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Can you please explain/describe effusive volcanism on Mars?

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The term effusive volcanism refers to the non-explosive extrusion of magma at the surface, and thus includes all eruptions of lava flows, coulees and domes. Its relatively a quiet volcanic eruption which puts out basaltic lava that moves at about the speed one walks. The lava is fluid in nature. Effusive volcanism exhibits a remarkable variety of eruptive styles, environments, and deposits. Ranging from subaerial eruptions to those occurring at great depths in the sea or under vast glaciers, effusive eruptions are ubiquitous on the earth's surface, as well as on some of the terrestrial planets. Although effusive volcanism is by definition non-explosive, it is clearly related to explosive activity in many instances.

Mars is only about one-half the size of Earth and yet has several volcanoes that surpass the scale of the largest terrestrial volcanoes. The most massive volcanoes are located on huge uplifts or domes in the Tharsis and Elysium regions of Mars. The Tharsis ...

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The effusive volcanism on mars is examined.