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Cassini Division

During the planning stages for the Pioneer 11 mission, when relatively little was known about Saturn's rings, it was proposed to have the spacecraft fly through the Cassini division. Why would this have been a bad idea?

Rotational Motion of New York City

New York City is traveling around at a tangential speed of about 353 m/s (i.e., 790 mi/h) as the Earth spins. Assuming the planet is a sphere of radius 6371 km, how long is the perpendicular from the city to the spin axis? Compute the city's latitude (i.e., the angle measured above or below the equator).

Theory of Relativity

1. Two airplanes are flying side by side at the same altitude. Plane A is slowly overtaking plane B at 4 km/h. A stewardess in plane A is walking toward the rear of the plane at a speed of 2 km/h, and a passenger is walking toward the front at 2 km/h. What are their speeds relative to a passenger watching them from place B? 2

Properties of Circular Orbits

The motivation for Isaac Newton to discover his laws of motion was to explain the properties of planetary orbits that were observed by Tycho Brahe and analyzed by Johannes Kepler. A good starting point for understanding this (as well as the speed of the space shuttle and the height of geostationary satellites) is the simplest or

Potential Energy Calculations

**Please see attachment for complete questions Required: a) Consider a uniform gravitational field (a fair approximation near the surface of a planet). Find ... {see attachment} b) Consider the force exerted by a spring that obeys Hooke's law. Find {see attachment} c) Finally, consider the gravitational force generat

Gravitation problem

A hypothetical planet has a radius 2.5 times that of Earth, but has the same mass. What is the acceleration due to gravity near its surface?

Finding Acceleration Due to Gravity

It's your lucky day! You have been chosen by NASA to be the astronaut for its first intergalactic expedition. In your excitement for the mission, however, you forgot to read the road map and you have no idea where your spacecraft landed. Your intimate knowledge of physics will save the day since you have a detailed database of

Model of the sun, Mars and one of Mars' moons, Deimos

4. The diagram (see diagram attached) represents a model of the sun, Mars and one of Mars' moons, Deimos. Please look at the model and determine which object looks most like Deimos to the person in the model who is observing from the pole of Mars. (a) Answer A (b) Answer B (c) Answer C (d) Answer D (e) Answer E Wh

The Lorentz-Fitzgerald Contraction

The USS Enterprise approaches the planet Seti Alpha 5 at a speed of 0.800c. Captain Kirk observes an airplane runway on the planet to be 2.00 km long. The air controller on the planet says that the runway on the planet is how long?

Chemical differentiation

How does chemical differentiation explain the distribution of material within terrestrial planets?

Superior planet

Superior planet can have only one X with the Sun during its synodic period, while an inferior planet can have two. What is X


What does it mean when scientist said reality is rational?

Spacecraft orbiting -- need to find the period

A spacecraft is in orbit around Jupiter. The radius of the orbit is 3.0 times the radius of Jupiter (RJupiter = 71,500 km). The gravitational acceleration at the surface of Jupiter (the surface is defined as the above radius) is 23 m/s2. Without using any other information about Jupiter, what is the period of the spacecraft's

Mass, force, gravity: What is more important, the planet Uranus or the physician?

The mass of Uranus is 9x10 to the 25th kg. Its mean distance from the earth is about 3x10 to the 12th meters. Estimate your mass in kilograms at birth. Then find the force exerted upon your body at birth by Uranus. Is it very large? Next assume that you were delivered by a 100 kg physician who was on the average about 10 cm from

Using a spectrograph...

A.) How can a spectrogrph be used to indicate that the rings of Saturn are not solid? B.) Astronomers in the 1940's had difficulty measuring the amount of water in the Martian atmosphere spectroscopically, becuase the Earth's atmospheric water got in the way. They could not yet fly above our atmosphere. How could the spectral l

Physics: Calculate a planet's interior gravity field.

Assume a spherical, uniform planet with mass M and a radius R. a) Develop a relationship which will the give the gravity field of a planet at any point beneath its surface which is distance r from the center. b) Use the mass and radius of the earth to find the earth's field at a point halfway to the surface.

Basic Thermal....Other Problems that are basic.

1.A space vehicle returning to Earth is fist slowed by its motors to a speed of 450m/s and then is slowed further to 100m/s by air resistance in the atmosphere. Its average heat capacity is 0.60kJ/kg-Cdegrees. Find the increase in its temperature on the assumption that 70% of the heat produced is absorbed by the vehicle and th

Velocity and acceleration

On another planet, Jim throws a ball directly up into the air. The velocity of this ball is a linear function of t. He finds that the velocity of the ball at 1 second is 44 meters/second. At 4 seconds, it is -49 meters/second. a.) Find v(t), the velocity of the ball at time t seconds. b.) Find a(t), the acceleration of t