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AC Generator

We have a AC generator that is attached to a resistor with 500 kohms and a maximum voltage of 90 V. How do you calculate Imax, max power, avg power, rms current, rms voltage, and frequency.

Alternating currents - Phase angle, current, capacitance, and voltage

A coil is connected to a 60 Hz, 100-v ac generator. At this frequency, the coil has an impedance of 10 omega and a reactance of 8 omega. (a) What is the current of the coil? (b) What is the phase angle between the current and the applied voltage? The current and voltage so that current and voltage are in phase? (c) What series

Comment on Frankenstein Power Supply

I've attached a circuit diagram. The schematic is for a dc power supply. It's purpose it to charge nicad batteries. However, we are having trouble locating the transformer. The transformer has been omitted, and the power is just represented by an AC power source. I'm a little unclear about the C-L-C portion of the circuit

AC Power and Transmission Lines

An AC power generating station provides single phase power to a consumer 100 the generator end of the voltage at miles away, over a transmission line. The voltage at the consumer end of the line is 10KV. The consumer uses exactly 100K watts of power at the distant end. If the wire in the transmission line has a resistance of 0

Understanding capacitors and inductors

1) If caps block dc what is the purpose of a cap in a dc circuit? 2) What does an inductor do in a dc circuit? 3)What is the point of having a cap to ground in a dc circuit? 4)What is the purpose of a null modem? 5) How do you design a circuit to use caps or inductors in a dc circuit? An ac circuit? 6) What is a

AC Generator Consisting of Eight Turns of Wire

An AC generator consists of eight turns of wire, each of area .0756 m^2, and a total resistance of 8.38 Ohms. The loop rotates in the external magnetic field of strength .35 T at a constant frequency of 59.7 Hz. What is the maximum induced emf? Units if V What is the maximum induced current? Units of A