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LCR Circuits: Phase difference between voltage and current.

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Given that R=1 kilo ohm, C= 1micro farad and L= 100 milli Henry's calculate the frequency at which the current in an LCR series circuit lags the supply voltage by 45 degrees.

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The values of the components of the circuit are given and the frequency of the A.C. supply voltage is calculated at which the current legs the voltage by 45 degrees.

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Given 10V ac source, LCR series circuit, Imax at resonance=2 A; f= 200Hz Imax = 1.2A;
f=350Hz Imax = 1.5A

Given these parameters what is the resonant frequency and how did you get this value?

What is L and C in the series circuit?

Given these values what is the phase angle at f=250Hz?

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