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Arc Waveform & AC Power

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Please help with the following problem. This
A) The difference of an ac waveform being displayed on an oscilloscope
is of 6.5 volts between 90° point and the 270° one .
What is the RMS value of the displayed signal ?

b) What is the value of the ac power that can perform the same
amount of work as a 24 dc 0ne ?

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This solution helps with a problem regarding Arc waveform and AC power.

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Please view the attached figure.

An ac waveform is said to complete one cycle when the angle changes from 0 degree to 360 degree.

We denote the peak voltages by Vp. There are two peaks in the figure, one at 90 degree and the other at 270 degree (though it is negative).

It is given that the difference between these voltage points is 6.5Volts

We call it V_pp

pp = peak to peak

So we have the peak to peak value of an ac wave form. As you can see, the voltage changes from 0 to maximum and the cycle repeats. That is why we have peak to peak and RMS (root mean square) value of the voltage when we deal with ac waveforms.

Peak ...

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