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    Create Construction : Triangles, Arcs and Line Segments

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    Please create this construction where I can see it. You may have to use a dark marker. Also, make the drawing large. Thank you.

    Step 1. Draw a scalene triangle and label the vertices ,A,B and C.

    Step 2. Place the compass at point B and draw an arc that intersect line segment AC in two points. Label the points of intersection D and E.

    Step 3. Place the compass at point D and draw an arc below line segment AC. Using the same compass setting ,place the compass at point E and draw an arc to intersect the one drawn.

    Step 4. Use a straightedge to align the vertex B and the point where the two arcs intersect. Draw a segment from vertex B to side line segment AC. Label the point of intersection F.

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    A construction of triangles, arcs, and line segments is created. A coherent, explained diagram is included.