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    Solving Complex Perimeter & Area problems

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    1.How could you define the perimeter of a nonsimple
    closed curve? What would an example be? You don't need to draw anything just describe.

    2.Find the area of the shaded parts. Assume all arcs are circular. Leave all answers in terms of pie.

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    1.)The perimeter of a non-simple closed curve is defined as the distance of the curve where you start at one point and travel around the curve in the same direction until you return to that point. Since the curve is non-simple, it could consist of connected arcs or connected arcs and line segments or connected arcs and portions of ellipses or even curves defined as splines or other types of ...

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    This solution explains how to find the perimeter of a curve that is formed with different types of geometric entities. A problem solving a complex area is also included.