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    Electromagnetism: LCR circuits, Phasors & Torque on a coil

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    9 (a) Sketch the Phasor diagram for an ac circuit with a 108 omega resistor in series with a 25.5 mH inductor and a 34.7 mu F capacitor. The frequency of the generator is 60.0 Hz. (b) If the rms voltage of the generator is 120 V, what is the average power consumed by the circuit?

    10) A single circular loop of radius 0.27 m carries a current of 2.95 A in a magnetic field of 1.08 T. What is the maximum torque exerted on this loop?

    11) Consider the circuit shown below, which contains a 6.0 V battery, a 37 mH inductor, and four 55 - omega resistors. (a) Is more energy stored in the inductor just after the switch is closed, or long after the switch is closed? Explain. (b) Calculate the energy stored in the inductor one characteristic time interval after the switch is closed. (c) What is the energy density (energy/volume) inside the solenoid?

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