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Capacitance of the Capacitor Scenarios

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Here are some problems I have some answers but just want to make sure they are correct but I have some other questions where I am just lost in trying to figure out!

1.)Three capacitors of 5, 10, and 15 microfarads are connected in series. Potential difference across the capacitor network is 25v. a.) what is the equivalent capacitance? b.)What is the charge on each capacitor? c.)what is the potential difference across the capacitor?

2) At high frequencies of alternating current capacitor becomes short. Why?

3.) The voltage amplitude of an AC source is 25V, and its angular frequency is 1000 rad/s. Find the current amplitude if the capacitance of the capacitor connected across the source is a) .01 microFarad b.) 1 microFarad c.) 10 microFarad

4.) What capacitance would have a reactance of 100 ohms in a 60 Hz ac circuit?

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This solution contains step-by-step explanations and calculations to answer the questions about capacitance. Annotated diagrams and full workings are provided as well as references for further topic understanding.

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