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RL circuit

The rms current in an RL circuit is 0.30 A when it is connected to an ac generator with a frequency of 60.0 Hz and an rms voltage of 25 V.

(a) Given that the inductor has an inductance of 140 mH, what is the resistance of the resistor? (ohm)

(b) Find the rms voltage across the resistor. (V)

(c) Find the rms voltage across the inductor. (V)

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Fundamentals in a nutshell

1. When a voltage source is connected across an RL circuit, the voltage of the source is equal to the vector sum of the voltage drops across the resistance and the inductance.

2 The voltage drop across a resistance is in phase with the current flowing through it and voltage drop across an inductance leads the current flowing through it by 90O(Π/2 radians) [or the current lags the voltage by 90O(Π/2 radians)].

3. The statements mentioned above can be represented by means of a phasor ...

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