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    Regulation of power supply & Gains of CE amplifier

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    1) A power supply produces 24 volts at full load with a percent regulation of 10%, calculate the no-load voltage of the supply.

    2) A common- emitter transistor amplifier has a base current change of 15 microamperes and a collector current change of 200 microamperes. The load resistance is 50000 ohms withan input resistance of 1000 ohms. Calculate the AC alpha, AC beta, AC voltage gain and power gain of the circuit.

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    a) Voltage regulation of a power supply is defined as the % drop in voltage from no load to full load. Hence,

    % voltage regulation = [(No load voltage - Full load voltage)/No load voltage]x100 .......(1)

    Given : % regulation = 10%, Full load voltage = 24 ...

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