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Linear Programming

Linear Programming and the Simplex Method

Answer following problems. The problems solved last week helped me break down all 60 questions I had to answer last week and I would like to do the same thing this week. Here are about 9 problems some multiple parts that are different areas I need help with. 1. a. Add slack variables or subtract surplus variables. b.

Analysis of Linear Programming

Problems must be completed in QM or Lingo 10. Please see the attached file. 1.0 Given the following linear programming problem: Min Z = 2x + 8y Subject to (1) 8x + 4y 64 (2) 2x + 4y 32 (3) y 2 What is the minimal solution? Use Lingo10 or QM to solve. Include your solution screen shots 2.0 Max Z = $

Linear and Integer Programming Model

1. Consider the following linear programming model: Maximize Z=5 x1 + 4x2 Subject to 3x1+4x2≤10 X1, x2≥0 and integer Demonstrate the graphical solution of this model. 3. A tailor makes wool tweed sport coats and wool slacks.

Linear Programming : Maximum Profit

1. Shoe Manufacture A small shoe manufacturer makes two styles of trainers, a cross-training shoe and a specialist running shoe. A pair of cross-training shoes requires 1 hour machining and 2 hours assembly and makes a profit of £10. A pair of running shoes requires 1.5 hours machining and 1.5 hours assembly, and makes a p

Linear Programming : Graphical Method

Please graph the following linear programming model- Max Z = 10x + 6y 45x + 30y < = 180 3c + 8b < = 20 c, b > = 0 Please show graph and all steps in algebra to get the solution.

Linear Programming : Maximizing Profit

I am doing a linear programming model and need to graph on a grid line and I have the constraints, but do not know how to do the alegra part: Contraints: 45c + 30b= 180 3c + 8b = 20 (c, b < or equal to 0) Max profit = 10c + 6b I can not solve for the variables c and b. The answers are in the back of the book (4,0) b

Riley's produces two grades of ice cream - creamy and premium.

Riley's produces two grades of ice cream - creamy and premium. Both are produced by blending two types of dairy mixes. Both dairy mixes contain different amounts of butter fat and skim milk. Their cost per gallon varies accordingly (see chart) Dairy Mix Cost Butter Fat Skim Milk 1 0.10 20% 60% Dairy Mi

Snookers Restaurant is open from 8am to 10pm daily.

Dear OTA, Help me with the attached problem. Thanks Snookers Restaurant is open from 8am to 10pm daily. Besides the hours that they are open for business, workers are needed tan hour before opening and an hour after closing for setup and cleanup activities. The restaurant operates with both full-time and part-time workers o

Linear Programming: Optimal Profit

The production manager for the Whoppy soft drink company is considering the production of 2 kinds of soft drinks: regular and diet. The company operates one "8 hour" shift per day. Therefore, the production time is 480 minutes per day. During the production process, one of the main ingredients, syrup is limited to maximum produ

What is the critical path for this project at normal completion time?

See attachment for details: 17. What is the critical path for this project at normal completion time? A. A-E-G B. B-E-G C. A-D-G D. C-F-G 18.What is the normal project completion time? A. 25 weeks B. 10 weeks C. 4 weeks D. 14 weeks 19. Which activity on the critical path has the lowest weekly crash cost? A. A

Linear Programming

6. Consider the linear programming problem: max 4x &#8722; 3y x + y <= 5 6x &#8722; 3y <= 12 x, y >= 0 The graph of the constraints is given below with the feasible region shown in grey. y-axis x-axis (a) Determine the coordinates of all four corner points of the feasible region and label them

Woofer Pet Foods Vitamin Content

Woofer Pet Foods produces a low-calorie dog food for overweight dogs. This product is made from beef products and grain. Each pound of beef costs $0.90, and each pound of grain costs $0.60. A pound of the dog food must contain at least 9 units of Vitamin 1 and 10 units of Vitamin 2. A pound of beef contains 10 units of Vitamin 1

Linear Programming

I wanted to make sure I came up with the correct answer. I need to find the minimum cost for the attached problem. I came up with 13,250 but not sure if that is correct. The contract calls for 10,000 hoses.

Assignment Linear Programming

I think I figured this one out but wanted to be sure. I came up with 24. I have attached the problem. The table above represents the average number of sales for each of three people (A, B, C) at each of four stores (1, 2, 3, 4). With three people and four stores, assigning one person per store will mean that one store is clo

Linear Programming : Objective Function

Question: A croissant shop produces 2 products: bear claws (B) and almond filled croissants (C). Each bear claw requires 6 ounces of flour, 1 ounce of yeast, and 2 TS (tablespoons) of almond paste. An almond- filled croissant requires 3 ounces of flour, 1 ounce of yeast, and 4 TS of almond paste. The company has 6600 ounces of f

Quantitative Methods - Linear Program Graphic Solution Procedure

1. For the linear program: Max 2A + 3B s.t. 1A + 2B < 6 5A + 3B < 15 A,B > 0 Find the optimal solution using the graphical solution procedure. What is the value of the objective function at the optimal solution? 2. Solve the following linear program using the graphical solution procedure. Max 5A + 5B s.t. 1A <

Vector Space Axioms, Zero Element and Geometric Method of Linear Programming

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. 1) Let R+={x/0<x} (that is, the set of positive real numbers). Define the operation of addition on this set by x+y=xy. Show that with this definition there is a zero element, and that every x in R+ has an inverse. Determine what the zero element is, and for any gi