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    Network flow model and spreadsheet model

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    Problem 27.

    Union Express has 60 tons of cargo that need to be shipped from Boston to Dallas. The shipping capacity on each of the routes Union Express planes fly each night is shown on the table below.

    Nightly Flights Segments Capacity in Tons
    Boston to Baltimore 30
    Boston to Pittsburgh 25
    Boston to Cincinnati 35
    Baltimore to Atlanta 10
    Baltimore to Cincinnati 5
    Pittsburgh to Atlanta 15
    Pittsburgh to Chicago 20
    Cincinnati to Chicago 15
    Cincinnati to Memphis 5
    Atlanta to Memphis 25
    Atlanta to Dallas 10
    Chicago to Memphis 20
    Chicago to Dallas 15
    Memphis to Dallas 30
    Memphis to Chicago 15

    Will Union Express be able to move all 60 tons from Boston to Dallas in one night?

    a) Draw a network flow model foe the problem and solve it

    b) Create a spreadsheet model for this problem in Excel and solve it

    c) What is the maximum flow for this network?

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