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Linear Programming

Using the simplex method in mathematics

Mark, who is ill, takes vitamin pills. Each day he must have at least 16 units of vitamin A, 5 units of vitamin B1, and 20 units of vitamin C. He can choose between pill 1, which costs 10¢ and contains 8 units of A, 1 of B1, and 2 of C; and pill 2, which costs 20¢ and contains 2 units of A, 1 of and 7 of C. How many of each pi

Linear programming

See attached   Stannic Metals wishes to produce at the lowest cost  a new alloy that is 40 percent tin, 35 percent zinc, and  25 percent lead from their current allow stocks: Alloy Stocks Alloy 1 2 3 4 5 % Tin 60 25 45 20 50 % Zinc 10 15 45 50 40 %Lead 30 60 10 30 10 Cost/lb 22 20 25 24 2

Optimal Profit/Optimal Solution

Max Z = 3x1 + 3x2 Subject to : 10x1 + 4x2 < OR EQUAL TO 60 25x1 + 50x2 < OR EQUAL TO 200 x1, x2 > OR EQUAL TO 0 Find the optimal profit and the values of x1 and x2 at the optimal solution

ILP Spreadsheet Model

This is problem 28 in Chapter 6 of "Spreadsheet Modeling and Decision Analysis" 5E by Cliff Ragsdale. KPS Communications is planning to bring wireless internet access to the town of Ames, Iowa. Using a geographic information system, KPS has divided Ames into the following 5x5 grid...(see attachment)

Matrices and Linear Programming

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. Solve the problem. 1) An appliance store sells two types of refrigerators. Each Cool-It refrigerator sells for $ 640 and each Polar sells for $ 740. Up to 330 refrigerators can be stored in the warehouse and new refrigerat

Statistics: Linear Programming

LINEAR PROGRAMMING 1. Find the complete (including values for slack variables) optimal solution to this linear programming problem using. graphical method Min 5X + 6Y s.t. 3X + Y > 15 X + 2Y > 12 3X + 2Y > 24 X , Y > 0 2. Find the complete (including values for slack variabl

Transportation, Assignment, Linear Programming and Transhipment problems

Write the linear programming problem for this network. 2. Canning Transport is to move goods from three factories to three distribution centers. Information about the move is given below. Give the network model and the linear programming model for this problem. Source Supply Destination Demand A 200 X 50 B 100 Y 125

Maximization linear programming model

A. Maximization Graph Solutions Given the following maximization linear programming model, which of the possible solutions provided below is NOT feasible? Maximize Z = 2X1 + 3X2 subject to: 4X1 + 3X2 < 480 3X1 + 6X2 < 600 a) X1 = 120 and X2 =0 b) X1 = 75 and X2 = 90 c) X1 = 90 and X2 = 75 d) X1 = 0 and X2 = 120 Ans

Linear Programming, select extreme points

A. Minimization Graphical Solution Solve the following linear programming model graphically and select the set of extreme points that make up the solution: Minimize Z = 20X1 + 10X2 subject to: X1 + X2 < 12 2X1 + 5X2 > 40 X2 < 13 Note: The triplets are in the form of (X1 = ,X2 = , Z = ) a) (0, 12, 120), (0, 8, 80), (2

Linear Programming - Maximizing Profit

1. The linear programming problem whose output follows is used to determine how many bottles of fire red nail polish (x1), bright red nail polish (x2), basil green nail polish(x3), and basic pink nail polish(x4) a beauty salon should stock. The objective function measures profit; it is assumed that every piece stocked will be so

Integer Linear Programming (ILP) : Formulation and Optimal Solution

Health Care Systems of Florida (HCSF) is planning to build a number of new emergency-care clinics in central Florida. HCSF management has divided a map of emergency-care clinics in central Florida. HCSF management has divided a map of the area into seven regions. They want to locate the emergency centers so that all seven reg

Quantitative II

See attached For all linear programming problems, the implied non-negativity constraint is assumed. Don't forget to include this constraint if you are using Excel to solve any of these problems. 1. Linear Programming Properties Which of the following statements is not true? a) An infeasible solution violates all

Linear Programming (4 Problems)

? Chapter 4 Problem 20 - Diet Mix Problem Anna Broderick is the dietitian for the State University football team and she is attempting to determine a nutritious lunch menu for the team. She has set the followng nutritional guidlens for each lunch serving: Between 1500 and 2000 caleries At least 5 mg of iron At least 20 b

Linear Programming Refinery Blends Problem

Please help with the following problem involving linear programming. For part A it needs to be written out. For Eaxample: Maximize total profit Z = $400C + $100T subject to constraints: 8C + 10T <= 80 labor hours 2C + 6T <= 36 wood in lbs C <= 6 maximum demand for chairs C >0 and T > 0 for non negativity For pa

Network Models

12-7 Bechtold Construction is in the process of installing power lines to a large housing development. Steve Bechtold wants to minimize the total length of wire used, which will minimize his costs. The housing development is shown as a network in Figure 12.21. Each house has been numbered, and the distances between houses are g

Linear Programming: Sensitivity Analysis and Interpretation of Solution

Linear Programming: Sensitivity Analysis and Interpretation of Solution Vollmer Manufacturing makes three components for sale to refrigeration companies. The components are processed on two machines: a shaper and grinder. The times (in minutes) required on each machine are as follows: Machine Component Shaper Grinder 1

Linear Programming : Maximizing Profit

Grand Lake Furniture Company makes two types of picnic tables, rectangular and hexagon. The hexagon table takes 4 hours to make and 2 hours to finish. the rectangular table takes 3 hours to build and 1 hour to finish. The company can devote 240 hours to building the tables and 100 hours to finish the tables. Each hexagon tab

Project Management exercises

Hello there, I need help with the problems attached. Please explain answers too. 1 Operations management is sometimes also as p___________ management and/or decision s_________ systems and/or management s________. 2 Examples of important OM methods and techniques include: a.   G___d   A______s b

Economics-Total and Average costs

A firm has fixed costs of $60 and variable costs as indicated in the table on the attached Excel spreadsheet. Complete the table and check the calculations. Total Product Total Fixed Cost Total Variable Cost 0 $0 1

Linear Programming : Constraints, Objective Function and Mimimizing Cost

Every January Santa tidies his workshop. Each toy in the workshop may be either stored for use next year, or taken apart and rebuilt next year, or thrown away and replaced next year. Storing a toy costs £1 and uses 8 units of storage space. Taking a toy apart and rebuilding it next year costs £3 and uses 2 units of storage

Linear Programming : Demand-side Constraints

1. Consider the following transportation problem: 1 2 Supply 1 5 6 100 2 4 2 200 3 3 6 150 4 9 7 50 Demand 250 250 How many supply-side constraints are there? Write the supply-side constraints. 2. Consider the following transportation problem: 1 2 Supply 1 5 6 100 2 4 2 200 3 3 6 150

Linear Programming : Finding the Lowest Cost Using a Graphing Method

A cook is puzzling over the number of pounds of food he should purchase in order to minimize his cost. He has always bought his food from a small health food store in town. The store sells two types of mixtures. Both of these mixtures contain the three ingredients needed, but the cook needs his own special ratio of these ingredi

Integer Programming Model : Four Problems to Solve Using a Computer

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. 19. The Avalon Floor Cleaner Company as trying to determine the number of salespeople it should allocate to its three regions-the East, the Midwest, arid the West The company has 100 salespeople that it wants to assign tn the three regions. The annual average un

Linear programming and solve model by using the computer.

Green Valley Mills produces carpet at plants in St Louis and Richmond. The plants ship the carpet to two outlets in Chicago and Atlanta. The cost per ton of shipping carpet from each of the two plants to the two warehoused is as follows: From Chicago Atlanta St Louis $40 $65 Richmond $70

Linear programming and solve model by using the computer.

The Donnor meat processing firm produces wieners from four ingredients: chicken, beef, pork, and a cereal additive. The firm produces three types of wieners: regualr beef, and all-meat. The company has the following amounts of each ingredient available on a daily basis: Chicken 200 $.20 Beef 300

Knowledge about Linear Programming

The Midland Tool Shop has four heavy presses it uses to stamp out prefabricated metal covers and housings for electronic consumer products. All four presses operate differently and are of different sizes. Currently the firm has a contract to produce three products. The contract calls for 400 units of product 1; 570 units of p