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    Linear Programming

    Linear programming model for revenue management application

    Problem 30 Hanson Inn is a 96-room hotel located near the airport and convention center in Louisville, Kentucky. When a convention or a special event is in town, Hanson increases its normal room rates and takes reservations based on a revenue management system. The Classic Corvette Owners Association scheduled its annual conven

    Linear Programming and Using Solver

    Working with chemists at Virginia Tech and George Washington Universities, landscape contractor Kenneth Golding blended his own fertilizer, calling it 'Golding-Grow.' It consists of four chemical compounds, C-30, C-92, D-21, E-11. The cost per pound for each compound is indicated as follows: Chemical Compound Cost Per P

    Linear Programming: Feed N' Ship Ranch

    The Feed 'N Ship Ranch fattens cattle for local farmers and ships them to meat markets in Kansas City and Omaha. The owners of the ranch seek to determine the amounts of cattle feed to buy so that minimum nutritional standards are satisfied, and at the same time total feed costs are minimized. The feed mix can be made up of the

    Chain Restaurant Problem: Linear Programming in Excel

    A chain restaurant consists of five restaurants for which we need to evaluate the relative efficiency. Input measures for the restaurants include weekly hours of operation, number of full time staff and weekly supply expenses. Output measures of performance include average weekly contribution to profit, market share, and annual

    Linear Programming Formulations

    Consider the following four LP formulations. Using a graphical approach, determine a. Which formulation has more than one optimal solution b. Which formulation is unbounded c. Which formulation has no feasible solution d. Which formulation is correct as is Formulation 1 Maximize 10X₁ + 10X₂ Subject to 2X₁

    Maximum Resolution

    The current market price per pound Brazilian is .47*.80=.376 and Colombian is .62*1.05 =.651 .25 however I don't understand how to get the total revenue and packing cost to get the max resolution. Please see the attachment. Thank you.

    Adding a Constraint to a Linear Program Problem

    Question: Suppose a linear programming (maximization) problem has been solved and the optimal value of the objective function is $300. Suppose an additional constraint is added to this problem. Explain how this might affect each of the following: (a) The feasible region (b) The optimal value of the objective function

    Questions in Linear Programming

    Please review my answers highlighted in red for the linear programming questions Your feed back is requested on items I did correctly or incorrectly Thank you

    Linear Program for Optimal Choice

    Cranberries can be harvested using either a "wet" method or a "dry" method. Dry harvested cranberries can be sold at a premium, while wet harvested cranberries are used mainly for cranberry juice and bring in less revenue. Fresh Made Cranberry cooperative must decide how much of its cranberry crop should be harvested wet and how

    Linear Programming: Examining an Oil Company

    Linear Programming Question: A Southern Oil Company produces two grades of gasoline; Regular and Premium. The profit contributions are $0.30 per gallon for regular gasoline and $0.50 per gallon for premium gasoline. Each gallon of regular gasoline contains 0.3 gallons of grade A crude oil and each gallon of premium gasoline con

    Linear programming model for a work schedule

    The sheriff has been asked by the county commissioners to increase weekend patrols in the lake region during the summer months. The sheriff has proposed the following weekly schedule, shifting deputies from weekday assignments top weekends: Day Sun. Mon. Tue. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat. Assignments 6

    Calculating Budget Allocation

    Problem: The Westchester Chamber of Commerce periodically sponsors public service seminars and programs. Currently, promotional plans are under way for this year's program. Advertising alternatives include television, radio, and newspaper. Audience estimates, costs, and maximum media usage limitations are as shown: (please refer

    Optimizing Susan Wong's Personal Budget in Excel.

    Please look at the attached document for problem details and solution. I need help with formulating the Objective function and constraints for it. After Susan Wong graduated from State University with a degree in Operations Research, she went to work for a computer systems development firm in the Washington, D.C., area. As a

    Using Corner Point Method

    1. Solve the following linear programming problem using the corner point method: Maximize 3 X + 5Y Subject to: 4X + 4Y 48 1X + 2Y 20 Y 2 X, Y 0 2. The Fido Dog Food Company wishes to introduce a new brand of dog biscuits (composed of chicken and liver-flavored biscuits) that

    Linear Programming Formulation: Classical Business Problem

    See the attached file. Imagine that you are hired as a supply chain expert to develop a linear programming formulation that is a mathematical representation (or estimate) of a classic business challenge for a large company that manufactures products that are sold directly to its customers. Through this exam exercise, you will

    Linear Programming Model: McDonald and Thomas Advertising Agency

    McDonald and Thomas Advertising Agency has been hired to put together an advertising plan for the Healthy Heart Charity Banquet. The advertising media under consideration are listed in the table below: Medium Cost Per Use Effective Audience Reached Maximum Number of times Available Outdoor $500

    Introduction to Management Problems

    Problem 1 A graphical representation of a linear program is shown in the attachment. The shaded area represents the feasible region, and the dashed line in the middle is the slope of the objective function. a) If this is maximization, which extreme point is the optimal solution? Explain your answer. b) If this is a minimiz

    Creating a Linear Programming Model

    Paperbank is starting a new credit card business operation during the next three months (Jan, Feb, and March). It must decide how many credit cards to issue each month. Two kinds of cards will be issued: regular and gold. The profit will be $50 per month for gold cards, and $20 per month for regular cards. In each month, 5%

    Integer Programming - Finding the Error

    One of the problems in the last quiz was incorrectly stated. Find the "error" (the problem IS solvable as stated) and provide a solution to the problem. Provide your work (all steps or an explanation of your method of solution -- for example, using Excel Solver or QM for windows.) Here is the problem: Maximize: 3x+5y Under

    Multi-Object Linear Programming

    Consider the attached multi-objective linear program. a. Show graphically, the optimal solution(s) for each objective taken separately. b. Determine graphically whether each of the following is an efficient solution:

    Linear Programming and Binary Formulations

    I need tutorial assistance with linear programming. I need help formulating the binary algebraic expressions or formulas. So, it is linear programming with binary formulations. Only need help with a-d in the attachment. Thanks.

    Linear Programming Exercises

    Please help me out with these three problems. Please note that these problems need to be completed manually. 7-14 The Electrocomp Corporation manufactures two electrical products: air conditioners and large fans. The assembly process for each is similar in that both require a certain amount of wiring and drilling. Each air

    Considering the Given Linear Programming Problem

    Consider the following linear programming problem. Maximize 4X + 10Y Subject to: 3X + 4Y ? 480 and 4X + 2Y ? 3 360 all variables ? 0 The feasible corner points are (48,84), (0,120), (0,0), (90,0). What is the maximum possible value for the objective function? 1032 1200 360 none of the abov

    Linear Programming in Excel/Solver

    I'm looking for help using Solver to set up and solve the problem below. Please make sure to embed the formulation to the Linear Programming problem within the Excel solution. In addition to the typical supply and demand constraints that you need to include, please make sure to also account for the constraints which will ensure

    Linear Programming in Excel Assignment

    I'm looking for help for the following LP problem to be done in Excel, using level curves or the corner-point method. To shade partial cells in Excel, the trick is to copy the sketch from Excel into Windows "Paint" program and do the shading there using the brush tools. Then you can copy and paste the sketch back into Excel a

    Linear Progression Formulation

    I need help on how to solve this question from my study guide. The following table provides shipping costs from each of two regional warehouses to each of three destinations. The supplies available and the demands are also given in the table. FROM TO Houston New Orleans Atlanta Supply (units) Dallas

    Integer programning problem for Trapeze Investments

    Trapeze Investments is a venture capital firm that is currently evaluating six different investment opportunities. There is not sufficient capital to invest in all of these, but more than one will be selected. A 0-1 integer programming model is planned to help determine which of the six opportunities to choose. Variables X?, X?

    Widgets and Gadgets Linear Programming

    Can you help with the following: PDQ Manufacturing Company produces two products, widgets and gadgets. To produce each widget and gadget requires several basic machining operations. PDQ has five different machining centers, and some of the required machining operations can be performed at more than one of the centers. Consequ

    Hawaii Sugar Company Linear Programming Problem

    I need some assistance with the following problem: Hawaii Sugar Company produces brown sugar, processed (white) sugar, powdered sugar and molasses from sugar cane syrup. The company purchases 4000 tons of syrup weekly and is contracted to deliver at least 25 tons weekly of each type of sugar. The production process starts by