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    Linear Programming

    Linear Programming Minimization Model

    The famous Y. S. Chang Restaurant is open 24 hours a day. Waiters and busboys report for duty at 3 a.m., 7 a.m., 11 a.m., 3 p.m., 7 p.m., or 11 p.m., and each works an eight hour shift. the following table shows the minimum number of workers needed during the six periods into which the day is divided. PERIOD | TIME

    Linear programming model

    The Hong family owns 410 acres of farmland along the Yangtze Valley on which they grow potatoes and rice. Each acre of potatoes costs $165 to plant, cultivate, and harvest; each acre of rice costs $220. The Hongs have a budget of $77,000 for next year. If they plant over 200 acres of rice, worms will most likely destroy the crop

    Linear Programming: Red Brand Canners Case Study

    See attached file. Red Brand Canners On Monday, September 13, 1999, Mitchell Gordon, Vice president of operations at Red Brand Canners, asked the controller, the sales manager, and the production manager to meet with him to discuss the amount of tomato products to pack that season. The tomato crop, which had been pur

    Solving a linear programming problem graphically

    MIN z= 5x1 +2x2 st 2x1 +5x2>or equal to 10 4x1-x2>or equal to 12 x1 + x2 > or equal to 4 x1, x2 > or equal to 0 A Solve graphically for the optimal solution. B How does one know that although x1=5, x2=3 is a feasible solution for the constraints, it will never be the optimal solution no matter what o

    Linear Program

    The Navy has 9,000 pounds of material in Albany, Georgia which it wishes to ship to three installations: San Diego, Norfolk and Pensacola. They require 4,000 2,500 and 2,500 pounds respectively. The following gives the shipping cost per pound for truck, railroad, and airplane transit. De

    Linear Progamming

    The Navy has 9,000 pounds of material in Albany, Georgia which it wishes to ship to three installations: San Diego, Norfolk and Pensacola. They require 4,000 2,500 and 2,500 pounds respectively. The following gives the shipping cost per pound for truck, railroad, amd airplane transit. Des

    Linear Programming - excel solver

    The advertising manager at Cadillac wishes to run both television and magazine ads to promote the new Cadillac GTS in the greater Chicago area market. Each 30-second television ad will reach 30,000 viewers in the target age group of buyers 35 to 55 years old. Running one full page ad in Cool Driver magazine will reach 10,000 rea

    Linear Program help

    The SMM Company,which is manufacturing a new instant salad machine, has $350,000 to spend on advertising. The product is only to be test marketed initially in the Dallas area. The money is to be spent on an advertising blitz during one weekend( Friday, Saturday, Sunday) in January and SMM is limited to television advertising.

    Linear Programming

    Triumph Trumpet Company makes two styles each of both trumpets and comets deluxe and professional models. Its unit profit on deluxe trumpets is $80 and on deluxe comets is $60. The professional models realize twice the profit of the deluxe models. Trumpets and comets are made basically from two mixtures of two different brass

    Perfect Competition

    Firm PQR produces a product 'Alpha' under perfect competition market conditions. The cost function for the firm is: TC = 1500 + 200Q + Q^2 The market supply and demand equations for the product 'Alpha' in the perfect competition market are: QS = 40,000 + 60 P QD = 80,000- 40 P Based on the information given above, calcu

    Develop a linear programming model

    Tots Toys makes a plastic tricycle that is composed of three major components: a handlebar-front wheel-pedal assembly, a seat and frame unit, and rear wheels. The company has orders for 12,000 of these tricycles. Current schedules yield the following information. Requirements Cost to Cost to Component Plastic Time Space M

    how to solve this problem

    11. Consider the following linear programming problem Max 8X + 7Y s.t. 15X + 5Y ï?£ 75 10X + 6Y ï?£ 60 X + Y ï?£ 8 X, Y ï?³ 0 a. Use a graph to show each constraint and the feasible region. b. Identify the optimal solution point on your graph. What are the values of X and Y at the optimal s

    LP problem for maximization

    Suppose that we are trying to solve the following LP problem: Maximize cTx, subject to Ax <= b, x >= 0. Let A = (aij) be an m x n matrix. Suppose that, for some value of i, ai;j >= 0 for all 1 <= j <= n, and bi < 0 (bi is the i'th component of b). Prove that the LP problem is infeasible.

    Linear Programming problem...

    Geometrically solve the following LP(Linear Programming): min x1- 2x2 s.t. x1 - x2 >= -4 -3x1 - 2x2 >= -18 -3x1 + x2 >= -9 x1, x2 >= 0 Again geometrically solve for each of the LPs with the same feasible region as above but with respective objective functions -x1+2x2, and -3x1- x2, and 3x1+x2, and 3x

    Simplex Method and Tableau Format: Maximize net daily profits

    A company makes two types of antihistamine formulations: one for daytime use and one for nighttime use. The net profit for the daytime formulation is 20 cents per pill and the net profit for the nighttime formulation is 25 cents per pill. The formulations differ according to the quantities of two different ingredients: the dayti

    simplex method and tableau format

    Farmer Jones owns 64 acres of land. She is going to plant each with wheat or corn. Each acre planted with wheat yields $200 profit while each acre planted with corn yields $300 profit. The labour and fertilizer used for each acre are given in table below. One hundred days of labour and 120 tons of fertilizer are available. Use l

    Simplex Method

    A transport ship has three compartments for storing cargo: front, centre, and back. Each compartment has limits on the weight and volume of the cargo that can be carried, as summarized in the table below. To maintain an even keel in the water, care must be taken to insure that the relative weight of cargo stored in each compart

    Formulate a linear program

    Problem: You work for a food company that makes two types of trail mix: Peak and TrailSnack. Each consists of some mix of peanuts, cashews, and raisins. You can obtain up to 100 kg/day of peanuts, 70 kg/day of cashews, and 60 kg/day of raisins. The Peak mix must contain at least 40% peanuts, at least 20% cashews and at least 20

    Formulate a linear programming model.

    A manufacturing firm located in Chicago ships its product by railroad to Detroit. Several different routes are available, as shown in the attached diagram, referred to as a network. Each circle in the network represents a railroad junction. Each arrow is a railroad branch between two junctions. The number above each arrow

    Graphing the constraints

    Because it has no Y variable, can following be graphed? If yes, how? Please do not attempt to solve it. Maximize profit = 4x1 + 3x1x2 + 8x2 + 5x3 Subject to the constraints 2x1 + x2 - 2x3 <= 50 x1 - 4 x2 >= 6 19x2 - 0.33x3 = 17

    Excel Solver

    Instructions: Each of the following problems is to be solved using Solver in Excel. In order to receive proper and maximum credit, your spreadsheet(s) should show the formulation of your LP or ILP model, your assumptions, and the implementation of your model. Label appropriately. 2. A company needs to hire workers to cover a

    Formulate a linear programming model for Julia

    Julia is a senior at Tech, and she is investigating different ways to finance her final year at school. She is considering leasing a food booth outside the Tech stadium at home football games. Tech sells out every home game, and Julia knows, from attending the games herself, that everyone eats a lot of food. She has to pay $1

    Linear Programming Formulation

    Below is a linear programming formulation for a problem with two variables, a and b, and with three constraints, referred to as constraints #1, #2,and #3. Each of the three constraints is a ">=" (greater than or equal to) inequality; the objective is to minimize Z, where the objective function Z is shown in the formulation. M

    Linear programming model help

    A farmer has a 40-acre farm in Georgia. The farmer is using linear programming to determine how many acres of corn, peanuts, and cotton to plant. Each crop requires labor, fertilizer, and insecticide, and the farmer has formulated the linear programming model below, and solved it in excel solver, with the results and sensitivity

    Formulate and solve a linear programming model for Julia.

    Please read the Case Problem below and address each of the issues A-D according to the instruction given. (A) Formulate and solve a Linear Programming model for this case. (B) Evaluate the prospect of borrowing money before the first game. (C) Evaluate the prospect of paying a friend $100 to help her per game. (D) Analyze

    The Feed Company using percentage

    I have this solution in excel, however, I would like to see it in QM. I have purchased a similar solution, however I was looking for the formulation and solution in QM. Linear programming #84515 Using Excel, please solve for the following: The Southfork Feed Company makes a feed mix from four ingredients-oats, corn, soy

    How Many of Each Should the Store Order to Maximize Revenue?

    Blink Appliances has a sale on microwaves and stoves. Each microwave requires 2 hours to unpack and set up, and each stoves requires 1 hour. The storeroom space is limited to 50 items. The budget of the store allows only 80 hours of employee time for unpackng and setup. Microwave sells for 300 each and stoves sell for 200 each.

    Number of Months to Run Ad for Maximum Exposure: Yahoo, AOL

    Please help me get started with the following problem below: Nielson Net Ratings for the month of December indicated that in the United States AOL had a unique audience about 76.4 million people and Yahoo had a unique audience of about 66.2 million people. An advertising company wants to purchase website ads to promote a new

    Decision Variables - Formulate a BIP model.

    A University of China professor will be spending a short sabbatical leave at the University of Iceland. She wishes to bring all needed items with her on the airplane. After collecting the professional items that she must have, she finds that airline regulations on space and weight for checked luggage will severely limit the clot