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Decision variables

A University of China professor will be spending a short sabbatical leave at the University of Iceland. She wishes to bring all needed items with her on the airplane. After collecting the professional items that she must have, she finds that airline regulations on space and weight for checked luggage will severely limit the clothes she can take. (She plans to carry on a warm coat and then purchase a warm Icelandic sweater upon arriving in Iceland). Clothes under consideration for checked luggage include 3 skirts, 3 slacks, 4 tops and 3 dresses. The professor wants to maximize the number of outfits she will have in Iceland (including the special dress she will wear on the airplane). Each dress constitutes an outfit. Other outfit consists of a combination of a top and either a skirt or slacks. However, certain combinations are not fashionable and so will not qualify as an outfit.

Formulate a BIP model that would help her choose which items of clothing to take. Please go through the attached file for complete question.


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