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Linear Programming

Linear Programming: Formulate Variables, Objectives and Constraints

How is this problem worked and what are the steps? Problem: Cauchy Canners produces canned whole tomatoes and tomato sauce. This season, the company has available 3,000,000 kg of tomatoes for these two products. To meet the demands of regular customers, it must produce at least 80,000 kg of sauce and 800,000 kg of whole tom

3 Linear Program Problems

I need help on how to solve the programming problems below. 1. Solve the following integer programming problem. Provide only the values for A, B, and the Z. You may use any method you choose (graphical, enumeration of vertices, MS Solver, etc.) Maximize Z = 120A + 80B Subject to the constraints: 2A + 1B <= 6 7A +

Linear programming : Sensitivity Range

TRUE/FALSE The sensitivity range for an objective coefficient is the range of values over which the current optimal solution point (product mix) will remain optimal.

Linear Programming Using Excel Solver

I need the following two attached problems done in excel using the built in excel solver. For these problems we need to formulate our own constraints. For some reason I am getting negative numbers, which is obviously not right. I would appreciate it if someone could formulate the right constraints and solve these problems 100% c

Hoke's Spokes bike shop

Hoke owns Hoke's Spokes bike shop. Bikes are customer orders and stocks bikes for walk in customers. He stocks three types of bikes, road-racing, cross-country, and mountain. A road-racing bike cost 1200, a cross country bike cost 1700, and mountain bike cost 900. He sells road racing bikes for 1800, cross country bikes for

Linear Programming : Finding an Optimal Solution using Excel Solver

Formulate the LP model for the problems below in EXCEL using problem solver: 1. The Big Bang explosives company produces customized blasting compounds for use in the mining industry. The four ingredients for these explosives are agents A, B, C and D. Big Bang just received an order for 2000 pounds of explosive. Agents A and

Linear programming

See attachment 1. Critical Path Analysis (20%) The planning of projects can often be represented by a network where the arcs of the network represent activities occupying a duration of time and nodes represent the termination and beginning of activities. Two questions can be asked a. What long will it take to complete the

Graphical Analysis

The bakery makes cakes and pastries in a big pan. the main ingredients are flour and sugar. There are 25 pounds of flour and 16 pounds of sugar available, and the demand for cakes is 5. Five pounds of flour and 2 pounds of sugar are required to make a pan of cakes , and 5 pounds of flour and 4 pounds of sugar are required to

Linear Programming : Graphical Analysis

Please help with solving this problem in graphical analysis and formulate a linear programming model for the below: A company produces two prducts that are processed on two assembly lines. Assembly line 1 has 100 available hours, and assemoly line 2 has 42 available hours. Each prduct equires 10 hours of processing time on l

Linear Programming

8. Consider the following minimization problem. Min z = x1 + 2x2 s.t. x1 + x2 300 2x1 + x2 400 2x1 + 5x2 750 x1, x2 0 Which constraints are satisfied at the optimal solution (x1 = 250, x2 = 50)? 9. Consider the following minimization problem. Min z = 1.5x1 + 2x2 s.t. x1 + x2 300 2x1 + x2

Linear programming : Quantitative Methods for Business

All I need is for someone to show me how to put this linear programming problem in standard form. Solution not necessary. (e.g., Max 30x1 + 50x2 +20x3 etc...) with the constraints. Thank you! See attachment for table and full problem. Better Products Inc. manufactures three products on two machines. In a typical week, 40

Two-phase simplex algorithm

1. Consider the following linear program. Minimize z = -7x1 + 3x2 subject to 2x1 + 4x2 = 15 (C1) - 2x1 + x2 &#8805; 4 (C2) Solve the problem using the two-phase Simplex algorithm as follows. 1) (5%) Write the problem in the equality form 2) (5%) Introduce artificial variables, write the objective of Phase I 3)

Linear Programming - Find the Optimal Solution

Please see the attached file for the complete problem. AutoIgnite produces electronic ignition systems for automobiles at a plant in Cleveland, Ohio. Each ignition system is assembled from two components produced at AutoIgnite's plants in Buffalo, New York, and Dayton, Ohio. The Buffalo plant can produce 2000 units of compone

Linear Inequalities

AntiFam, a hunger-relief organization has earmarked between $2 and $2.5 million (inclusive) for aid to two African countries, country A and country B. Country A is to receive between $1 and 1.5 million (inclusive) and country B is to receive at least $0.75 million. It has been estimated that each dollar spent in country A will

Linear Programming

A business dedicates to the import and sale of worn out coffee. The company concerns three types of coffee of select quality.: Colombian coffee, Honduran coffee and Dominican coffee. The company prepares three different mixtures in which it uses those three types of coffee. These mixtures are sold in bags of one pound. The three

Linear Programming: Quantitative Methods

Expedition Outfitters manufactures a variety of specialty clothing for hiking, skiing, and mountain climbing. They decided to begin production on two new parkas designed for use in extremely cold weather. The names selected for the two models are the Mount Everest Parka and the Rocky Mountain Parka. Their manufacturing plant has

Qunatitative Methods for Business: Linear Programming

As part of a quality improvement initiative, Consolidated Electronics employees complete a three-day training program on teaming and a two-day training program on problem solving. The manager of quality improvement requested that at least 8 training programs on teaming and at least 10 training programs on problem solving be offe

Linear Programming: Quantitative Methods - A financial advisor at Diehl Investments identified two ... a. Formulate a linear programming model ... b. Graph the feasible region. c. Determine the coordinates of each extreme point. d. Find the optimal solution.

A financial advisor at Diehl Investments identified two companies that are likely candidates for a takeover in the near future. Eastern Cable is a leading manufacturer of flexible cable systems used in the construction industry and ComSwitch is a new firm specializing in digital switching systems. Eastern Cable is currently trad

Linear Programming: Heuristics Problem

** Please see the attached file for the complete problem description ** Yellow Van Lines is a professional moving company that has just received a large contract from a government agency to move several truckloads of computer equipment from Miami to various cities. The diagram in the attachment shows the approximate costs to

Linear Programming

Problems 1, 5, 10 , 19 See attached Consider the following linear program....

Objective functions, constraints, and formulas for solver

Need help with the following problem, am stuck trying to set it up correctly. Can you help with the objective function and constraints, also the formulas for solver? The Lenox Hill hospital in New York City is a large, private, 600-bed facility complete with laboratories, operation rooms, and X-ray equipment. In seeking t

Excel Solver - linear programming model

Can you help with the objective function and constraints, also please provide the formulas for the solver. Attached is the Problem as Word doc and an example of the type of solution I'm looking for. Thank you.

Linear Programming a Company's Output

The company output below is for a product mix problem in which there are two products and three resource constraints. Use the output to help you answer the following questions. Assume that you wish to maximize profit in each case. a. How many units of product 1 and product 2 should be produced? b. How much of each of the thr