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Linear Programming: Roylon Corporation

Rylon Corporation manufactures Brute and Chanelle perfumes. Raw material costs $3.00 per pound to process. Processing a pound of raw material takes one hour of laboratory time, and yields 3 ounces of regular Brute and 4 ounces Regular Chanelle perfume. Regular Brute can be sold for $7/ounces, and Regular Chanelle can be sold for $6/ounces. Rylon has the option of further processing Regular Brute perfume to produce Luxury Brute perfume, selling for $18/ounce. Each ounce of Regular Brute processed requires an additional 3 hours of laboratory time and yields one ounce of Luxury Brute at a cost of $4. They can also process Regular Chanelle into Luxury Chanelle. Processing an ounce of Regular Chanelle requires 2 additional hours of lab time and yields one ounce of Luxury chanelle, again at a costs $4. Luxury Chanelle sells for $14/ounce. Rylon has 4000 pounds of raw material on hand, and 6000 hours of lab time available. How can they maximize their profit?

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We need to produce 1 ounce of Brute, 14858 oz of Chanelle, 2 oz ...

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