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    Stackhouse Corporation Linear Programming

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    Stackhouse Corporation makes a product which is essentially an assembly consisting of the height of two parts. Parts have been measured and classified by their deviation from their nominal dimension in thousandths of an inch. The current inventory of the two parts at various size deviations is tabled in the attached file. A customer has agreed to buy as many assemblies as can be supplied provided the height is equal to its nominal size or larger by no more than 0.001". Formulate and solve an linear program to find the maximum number of assemblies that can be made to meet this specification. How many parts are left over? Which sizes were all used up?

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    This solution provides a detailed explanation for formulating and solving a sample linear programming problem, which is looking at the number of products that can be produced given certain specifications, and how many parts will be used up/left over after manufacturing. Included in the solution is a step-by-step method presented in an Excel spreadsheet and accompanying explanations for the results.