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Linear Programming Model: McDonald and Thomas Advertising Agency

McDonald and Thomas Advertising Agency has been hired to put together an advertising plan for the Healthy Heart Charity Banquet. The advertising media under consideration are listed in the table below:

Medium Cost Per Use Effective Audience Reached Maximum Number of times Available
Outdoor $500 2000 3
Radio $100 800 10
Newspaper $200 1500 2
TV Commercial $1000 3000 4
PSA 0 500 *

* The TV station will award up to three public service announcements (PSA) for each commercial purchased.

The budget for the campaign is $6000. Every medium must be used at least once. The total number of appearances on TV (including PSA) should be no more than twice the number of all the other advertisements. Develop a linear programming model that list objective function and constraints to maximize the effective audience reached. Use integer programming to make the variables in whole numbers

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Assume the usages for outdoor, Radio, Newspaper, TV commercial and PSA are x1, x2, x3, x4 and x5.
The constraints are: ...

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