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Linear Programming

Linear Programming Model

1. The Lakeside Boatworks is planning to manafacture three types of molded fiber glass recreational boats-a fishing (bass) boat, a ski boat, and a small speedboat. The estimated selling price and variable cost for each type of boat are summarized in the following table. Boat Variable Cost Selling Price

the Friendly family;LPP and sensitivity analysis

On their farm, the Friendly family grows apples that they harvest each fall and make into three products-apple butter, applesauce, and apple jelly. They sell these three items at several local grocery stores, at craft fairs in the region, and at their own Friendly Farm Pumpkin Festival for two weeks in October. Their three prima

Quantitative Methods: INTEGER PROGRAMMING

INTEGER PROGRAMMING TRUE/FALSE 1. In a mixed integer model, some solution values for decision variables are integer and others can be non-integer. 2. In a total integer model, some solution values for decision variables are integer and others can be non-integer. 3. The branch and bound method can only be used for m

Linear Programming : Objective Function and Optimal Solution

Pet Supplies Company produces 16-ounce cans of dog food by combining meat by-products, which cost $0.60 per pound, and chicken by-products, which cost $0.35 per pound. Meat by-products are 55% protein and 30% fat by weight, while chicken by-products are 40% protein and 10% fat by weight. To meet customer expectations, the fina

Linear Programming Problem

Below is the computer solution to a linear programming problem linear programming: For the above information, answer the following: a) What are the objective function and the constraints? b) What are the values of the variables at optimality and what is the value of the objective function at optimality? c) If ther

Quantitative methods - Study guide

LINEAR PROGRAMMING: MODELING EXAMPLES TRUE/FALSE 1. When formulating a linear programming problem constraint, strict inequality signs (i.e., less than < or, greater than >) are not allowed. 2. In formulating a typical diet problem using a linear programming model, we would expect most of the constraints to be (less-

Quantitative Methods

1. The linear programming problem whose output follows is used to determine how many bottles of fire red nail polish (x1), bright red nail polish (x2), basic green nail polish (x3), and basic pink nail polish (x4) a beauty salon should stock. The objective function measures profit; it is assumed that every piece stocked will be


LINEAR PROGRAMMING: COMPUTER SOLUTION AND SENSITIVITY ANALYSIS TRUE/FALSE 1. When the right-hand sides of 2 constraints are both increased by 1 unit, the value of the objective function will be adjusted by the sum of the constraints' prices. 2. Sensitivity analysis is the analysis of the effect of parameter changes on

Linear Programming Model Calculations

See attached file for full problem description. Question 14 only. Figure E.10 Solution Variable Variable Original coefficient Label Value Coefficient Sensitivity x1 3.125 7 0 x2 28.125 5 0 x3 0 2 0.75 Constraint Original Slack or Shadow label RHV Surplus Price MachineA 150 0 0.25 MachineB 100 0 1.25 MachineC


LINEAR PROGRAMMING: MODEL FORMULATION AND GRAPHICAL SOLUTION TRUE/FALSE 1. Linear programming is a model consisting of linear relationships representing a firm's decisions given an objective and resource constraints. 2. The objective function is a linear relationship reflecting the objective of an operation. 3.

Linear Programming : Simplex Method

Use Simplex method to solve for the following - See attached file for full problem description. 7x +11y &#8804; 77 10x + 8y &#8804; 80 x &#8804; 9 y &#8804; 6 x &#8805; 0 ; y &#8805; 0

Linear programming

The Outdoor Furniture Corporation manufactures two products, benches and picnic tables, for use in Yards and parks. The firm has two main resources: its carpenters (labor force) and a supply of redwood for use in the furniture. During the next production 1200 labor hours available. 3500 feet of wood Each bench takes

Managerial Accounting Questions

1. A newly opened bed-and-breakfast projects the following: Monthly fixed costs $6000 Variable cost per occupied room per night $20 Revenue per occupied room per night $75 If there are 12 rooms available, what percentage of rooms would have to be occupied, on average, to break even? 2. The relationship d = 5000 - 25p desc


15. Find the correct constraint 3 Let xij = gallons of component i used in gasoline j. Assume that we have two components and two types of gasoline. There are 8,000 gallons of component 1 available, and the demand gasoline types 1 and 2 are 11,000 and 14,000 gallons respectively. Write the supply constraint for component 1.

Tell me more about Linear Programming

1. Graphical Solution A graphical representation of a linear program is shown below. The shaded area represents the feasible region, and the dashed line in the middle is the slope of the objective function. (see diagram in attached file) If this is a maximization, which extreme point is the optimal solution? a) B

Linear Programming : Maximizing Profit

The Mill Mountain Coffee Shop blends coffee on the premises for its customers. It sells three basic blends in 1-pound bags, Special Mountain Dark, and Mill Regular. It uses four different types of coffee to produce the blends - Brazilian, mocha, Columbian, and mild. The shop used the following blend recipe requirements. Blend

The Southern Sporting Goods Company

(See attached file for full problem description) --- Problem 5 The Southern Sporting Goods Company makes basketballs and footballs. Each product is produced from two resources- rubber and leather. The resource requirements for each product and the total resources available are as follows. Resource Requirements per Unit

Graphical solution of linear programming problem.

2. Problem 8 A company produces, A and B, which have profits of $9 and $7, respectively. Each unit of product must be processed on two assembly lines, where the required production times are as follows. hr/Unit Product Line 1 Line 2 A

Linear Programming : Optimal Solutions

6. Problem 18 - You will need the model for this problem from problem 17. It is provided below: (see attached) a) Solve this graphically by providing the extreme points and the corresponding z-values. Indicate the optimum solution. b) How many acres of farmland will not be cultivated at the optimal solution? Do the


1. Media selection problems usually determine a. how many times to use each media source. b. the coverage provided by each media source. c. the cost of each advertising exposure. d. the relative value of each medium. 2. A marketing research application uses the variable HD to represent the number of homeowners in

Linear Programming: Solve Using a Graphical Method

Gillian's Restaurant has an ice cream counter where it sells two main products, ice cream and frozen yogurt, each in a variety of flavors. The restaurant makes one order for ice cream and yogurt each week, and the store has enough freezer space for 115 gallons of both products. A gallon of frozen yogurt costs $0.75 and a gallo

Linear Programming : Solve by Using a Graphical Method

1. Problem 18: Solve the following linear programming model using graphical techniques: Do not submit the graph. In your answer, include each of the corner points and the Z value associated with each of the corner points. Highlight the corner point that optimizes the solution. If there is no feasible solution, then i


MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) In linear programming, sensitivity analysis is associated with (1) objective function coefficients (2) right hand side values of constraints (3) constraint coefficients A) 1 and 2 B) 1 and 3 C) 2 and 3 D) 1, 2, an

Using a Linear Programming Model Manually and Graphically

Directions: Pretend that you have been hired as a business consultant, or you are consulting for your place of work. Given the data in both case studies, write a single consolidated report that outlines your findings. The linear programming model contains only two decision variables. Therefore, produce a graph that illustrat

Linear Programming

Provide an appropriate response. 1) Explain the result if the simplex tableau is solved using a quotient other than the smallest non-nega five quotient. 2) Explain why a different slack variable must be used for each constraint when converting constraints to linear equations. 3) When would the simplex method be used instead

Failures of column and row

Find the possible failures in the column picture and the row picture, and match them up. Success would be 3 columns whose combinations give every vector b, which matches with 3 planes in the row picture that intersect at one point (the unique solution x). Give numerical examples of these two types of failure: a. 3 columns lie

Linear Programing using Solver

(See attached file for full problem description) How would this be set up in solver? What is the trick to this problem, have not been able to figure it out? I am not getting this one at all. Please explain to me in plain english. Thanks