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Linear Programming

Linear Programming : Simplex Method, Pivoting and Maximizing Values

1. Consider the following linear programming problem: Maximize 10x + 7y subject to: X + 3y (less than or equal to symbol) 10 2x -y (less than or equal to symbol) 8 x (greater than or equal to symbol) 0, y (greater than or equal to symbol) 0 The initial simplex tableau is: (for choices, please see attachment)

A company makes a single product on two separate production lines, A and B.

I have one last work problem where my solution just doesn't to be correct Set up the objective function and constraints and then solve for the following: A company makes a single product on two separate production lines, A and B. The company's labor force is equivalent to 1,000 hours per week, and it has $3,000 outlay week

Linear Programming - Simplex Methods (Finite Mathematics)

1. The feasible set of a certain linear programming problem is given by the following system of linear inequalities. x + 3y (less than or equal to symbol) 6 x - y (less than or equal to symbol) 2 - 5x + y (less than or equal to symbol) 2 Without graphing this set, determine which of the

Linear programming

A cargo airplane operated by has three compartments for storing cargo: front, center, and back. These compartments have capacity limits on both weight and space, as summarized below: Compartment Weight Capacity (tons) Space Capacity (cu.ft.) Front Center Back 12 13 10 7,000 9,000 5,000 To ensure proper weight


PLEASE SHOW HOW TO WORK PROBLEMS 1.If two lines intersect in more than one point, then they are a. parallel b. inconsistent c. the same d. unique e. none of the above 2.Consider the following linear programming problem. A coffee merchant sells two blends of coffee. Each pound of blend A contains 80% Mocha Java and 20% J

Linear Programming Using Excel : Parameters that Lead to a Certain Profit

You are managing the OR and have been told to come up with the mix of surgeries and doctors that will yield $2,300,000. Currently your OR performs 5 different surgeries and has 3 different doctors. Your OR operates one shift per day with a maximum amount of 8,000 OR hours. The only constraints that you have been given are the fo

Linear programming

The problem is in the attachment file. Thank you. Optimization The Sentry Lock Corporation manufactures a popular commercial security lock at plans in Macon, Louisville, Detroit, and Phoenix. The per unit cost of production at each plant is $35.5, $37.5, $39, and $36.25, respectively, while the annual production capaci

Linear Programming

Baseball Inc produces Regular gloves and Catcher?s mitt. The linear programming problem is listed below: Max 5R + 8C s.t. R + 3C < or equal to 1800 Cutting dept 3R + 2C < or equal to 1800 Finishing dept R + 2C < or equal to 800 Packaging dept R, C, > or equal to 0 The computer solution obtained using the Mana

Linear Programming

Problem # 2 EM manufactures two lightweight motocycles designed for easy handling. The EZ Rider and the Lady Sport. Each EZ Rider engine requires 6hrs of manufacturing time and each Lady Sport requires 3 hrs of manufacturing time. EM produces the engines for both model at the DesMoines plant. The Des Moines plant has 2100 h

Classical transportation problems (sources and destinations)

The problem is posted in the attachment. Thank you. Transportation Problem Set 1. Consider a transportation problem with 4 sources and 3 demand points. (a) Write the min-cost model in full (without using &#8721; notation). (b) Draw the network. (c) Construct the standard data table. 2. Consider a transportation prob

Linear Programming Formulation Problems

Linear Programming Formulation Problem Set (Show all works.) 1. A farmer can purchase 3 kinds of feed for his stock, with various percentages of each of 4 nutrients, called A, B, C, and D. A mixture of feeds gives proportional amounts of nutrients. The following table gives the minimum daily requirements (lb), cost (¢ / lb

Linear programing question

A major automobile manufacturer also produces two types of trucks type I and typeII. all the trucks are produced in one plant in the eastern part of the united states. each month the production manager of the plant must detemine how many units of each truck to produce. The type I truck generates a contribution margine of $220 pe

Probabilstic Dynamic Programming

A vendor sells sweatshirts at football games. They are equally likely (0.5,0.5) to sell 200 or 400 sweatshirts per game. Each order placed to the supplier costs $500 plus $5 per quantity ordered. The vendor sells each sweatshirt for $8. The is a holding cost of $2 (inventory costs) for each shirt leftover after each game. The ma

Linear Programming : Corner Point Method

Dr Wu can cure colds with his 3 layer pills. They come in two sizes, regular and king size. Regular size contains 2 grains of aspirin, 5 grains of bicarbonate, and 1 grain of codeine. For king size, it is 1 grain of aspirin, 8 grains of bicarbonate, and 6 grains of codeine. Dr Wu shows that is requires at least 12 grains of aspi

Linear Programming Problem

An office manager needs to buy new filing cabinets. Cabinet A costs $7, and takes up 6 square feet of floor space, and holds 9 cubic feet of files. Cabinet B costs $8, takes up 8 square feet, and holds 13 cubic feet. He has only $66 to spend and the office has room for no more than 60 square feet of cabinets. (Find the Objective

Linear Programming: The Simplex Method

Please help with the given problem: A nutritionalist is preparing a supplement mixture to add to a preparation of oatmeal. The nutritionalist has 3 mixtures available that can be combined to give the desired mixture. Each gram of the first mixture contains 1 unit of calcium, 1 unit of iron, and cost 70 cents. Each gram of the

Linear programming-maximze advertising budget

As part of a campaign to promote its annual clearance sale, the Excelsior Company decided to buy television advertising time on Station KAOS. Excelsior's advertising budget is $102,000. Morning time costs $3000/minute, afternoon time costs $1000/minute, and everning (prime) time costs $12,000 minute. Becasue of pervious commitme

Linear Programming : Trim and Surplus Waste

International Cellulose Corporation produces paper products. In one of its processes reels of 100 inch wide paper are cut into smaller width reels of the same length. Each week, orders for different width reels are received. This week the company has orders for 30, 50 25, and 90 reels, respectively, of the 60, 48 36 and 24 inc

Linear alegbra and vectors

Use the geometric method of linear programming to maximize the objective function f(x,y)=3x-6y subject to the constraints. x>= 1 x-y<= 3 2x+y>= 6 2x+y<= 8

Operations Research: North-West Corner Method

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problem. For the transportation problem given by the following tableau, find an initial basic feasible solution by the North-West corner method and then find an optimal solution. [Tableau]

Operations Research: Maximizing Profit

A factory can assemble printers and scanners. The 50 factory workers operate three four hour shifts which keep the factory running for a total of 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. Before the printers and scanners can be assembled, the component parts must be purchased and the maximum value of the stock that can be held for a days a

Operations Research: Simplex Tableau

Use the Simplex Tableau Method to solve the following linear programming problem. Maximise z=5x1 + 3x2 subject to: 4x1 + 2x2 <= 15 4x1 + x2 <= 10 x1 + x2 <=4 and xj >= 0, j =1,2. Use the optimal tableau above to answer the following. i) State the maximum value of z. ii) State the values of all the basic variable