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Linear Programming

Linear programming: Maximization

You are a woodworker who makes tables and chairs. Each table requires $80 in materials, 4 hrs of labor and earns $70 profit. Each chair requires $80 in materials, 8 hrs of labor, and earns $120 profit. This week you have $960 cash for materials, and 64hrs of labor available. What should you plan to build to maximize your profit

Simplex Method

Problem: Maximize: P= X1 + 2X2 +X3 Subject to constraints 3x1 + x2 + x3 <= 3 x1 - 10x2 - 4x3 <=20 x1>= 0 x2>=0 x3 >=0

Working with a linear problem and the simplex method.

Formulation for Simplex Method: Variables : F = Full time students P1= Part time attending 3 days P2 = Part time attending 2 days Objective Function : Max Z = 650*F + 460*P1 + 350*P2 Constraints : F + P2<= 50 F + P1<= 50 F,P1,P2 >0

Linear Programming: Simplex Method

How would I turn this real world problem into a linear programming problem? The licensing capacity of a preschool is 50, which is the constraint. Initially all children attended full time. The changes incorporated were the creation of three different enrollment positions for children to attend our school. One is the normal f

Linear programming : Finding the minimum machine cost

Two machines produce the same item. Machine A can produce 15 items per/hr and Machine B can produce 10/hr. At least 420 of the items must be produced each 40-hr. week, but the machines cannot be operated at the same time. If it costs $50 per hour to operate A and $30 per hour to operate B, determine how many hours per week to o