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Linear Programming using the graphical method

Solve the following linear programming problem using the graphical solution procedure:

Maximize 5A +5B

The constraints are:

1A <= 100
1 B <= 80
2A+4B <= 400
A,B >=0

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It is convenient to write the objective function we want to maximize as:


where f(A,B) = A + B

and maximize the function f.

The constraints are:

A <= 100

B <= 80

2A+4B <= 400



You have to draw the boundary of the region where all the constraints are satisfied. You can do this by considering each constraint separately and drawing the boundary of the region where that particular constraint is valid. Let's put the A on the Y-axis and the B on the X-axis.

Let's now go through the constraints one by one.

The ...

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A linear programing problem is solved using the graphical method. This method is explained in the solution itself.