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Linear Programming and Profit Function

An industrial home-improvement shop produces custom atrium arches, window frames, and doors. These products are made from mahogany and maple wood.

The cost per square foot of mahogany is $ 38 and per square foot of maple is $ 19.

The doors are seven feet tall and 4 feet wide and are 50% mahogany and 50% maple. The window frames use two square feet of maple
The atrium arches contain 3 square feet of mahogany and 1 square foot of maple.

These items are most exquisite and double doors sell for $ 10,000, dual arches sell for $ 5,000, and a set of three window frames sells for $ 2500.

x1 = # of atrium arches [in piece]
x2 = # of window frames [in piece]
x3 = # of doors [in piece]

What is the profit function?

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This solution uses to profit function equation to determine the profit function of the atrium arches, window frames and doors.