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Linear programming

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Problem 3: Linear Programming

I have a six acre farm that I can use for the productionof rice (X1) or corn (X2). I have also
27 days of labor and 32 tons of fertilizer.

One acre of rice requires three days of labor and eight tons of fertilizer, while one acre of corn
requires nine days of labor and four tons of fertilizer.
One acre of rice produces 50 tons which can be sold for $4.00 per ton. One ton of corn produces 100 tons ton. One acre of corn produces 20 tons
which can be sold for $10 per ton.

Questions 7. state mathematically the objective function
8. state mathematically the constraint function
9. How many acres of rice and corn do you plant to maximize your profit
10. What is the maximum profit

You can use the graphic analysis or the linear programming software in the management scientist.

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Linear programming is utilized for mathematical constraint functions. The maximum profits are determined.

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