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Linear programming

AntiFam, a hunger-relief organization has earmarked between $2 and $2.5 million (inclusive) for aid to two African countries, country A and country B. Country A is to receive between $1 and 1.5 million (inclusive) and country B is to receive at least $0.75 million. It has been estimated that each dollar spent in country A will yield an effective return of $.60, where a dollar spent in country B will yield an effective return of $.80. How should the aid be allocated if the money is to be utilized most effectively according to the these criteria.
if x and y denote the amount of money to be given to country A and country B, respectively, then the objective function to be maximized is P=.6x +.8y.

a Identify your variables.

b Set up the objective and constraints.

c Graph the feasible region.

d Determine the corner points. Show the algebra if solving for the intersection of lines.

e Determine the optimal solution and report you results in terms of the names of the variables.

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