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Linear programming in Excel Solver

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Linear programming applied to maximize benefit for spending advertising dollars on TV, ads, radio, etc. to affect opnion about manatees. See attachment for deails.

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Attachment has details on Solver setup and specific solution to an intricate application. Spreadsheet attachment have working setup of Excel Solver.

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See my proposed solution in the attached Excel for your manatee problem. You want to read your manatee article closely and check all my entered values. The imporant thing is you have a working model in Excel that you understand. Features to note:

1] You get to Excel Solver through the Add-Ins, so be sure you have it set up
2] The Target cell is b11 in my model
3] The "Changing Cells" is row 9 (columns b thru L), the units we can vary purchases
4] rows 4 and 6 are the range of possible units I gathered from reading the value, note I have in columns M andn other ...

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