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Graphs and Functions

What is the expected yield on notes from year 1 to 2, assuming the PEH holds? If inflation for the next year is expected to be 4.5%, what would the expected real rate of interest be on the 3-month T-bill? Plot the yield curve for these Treasury securities. Using the three theories we have discussed, explain how each one helps explain the shape of this yield curve.

1. If U.S. Treasury yields are as follows: 3 month 6.0% 6 month 6.3% 1 year 6.5% 2 year 6.6% 5 year 6.4% 10 year 7.5% 30 year 8.0% a. What is the expected yield on notes from year 1 to 2, assuming the PEH holds? b. What is the expected yield on notes from year 2 to 5, assuming th

Algebra Review

(See attached file for full problem description with equations and diagrams) --- 1. Simplification of linear algebraic expressions and expressions with fractional coefficients and solve x; 2. Solving simple linear equations with fractional coefficient: 3. Solving inequalities with fractional coefficient: 4.


F(x) = 4sinx / (2sinx+4cosx) the equation of the tangent line to f(x) at a=0 is y=sx+b Find: y=sx+b

Parabola and tangent lines

The parabola y= x^2+4 has two tangents which pass through the point (0,-2). One is tangent to the parabola at (a, a^2+4) and the other at (-a, a^2+4) where a is a certain positive number. The question is a=?

Solve Finite Difference Equation

See attached file for full problem description with equation. --- Find analytically the solution of this difference equation with the given initial values: Without computing the solution recursively, predict whether such a computation would be stable. (Note: A numerical process is unstable if small errors made at one

Evaluate graphs of derivative functions

(a) Suppose the graph in Figure 4.1.78 is that of a function g(x). Sketch the graph of the derivative g; (b) On the other hand, suppose the graph above is that of the derivative of a function f. For the interval ..., tell where the function f is (i) increasing; (ii) decreasing. (iii) Tell whether f has any extrema, and if so

Find Domain, Graph, Height, Minimum Surface Area of a Box Given its Volume

Consider an open-top box with a square base and a volume of 108 cubic inches. Let x be the length of a side of the base. a) Calculate the height h as a function of x. Is this function even, odd, or neither? b) What is the domain of the function above? (Note that there may be physical and/or mathematical restrictions.)

Uniform Convergence of Sequnece

Prove : Let f1,f2.... be a sequence of continuous functions convergent uniformly on a bounded closed interval [a,b] and let c E[a,b] . For n = 1,2,...., define ..... Then the sequence g1,g2.... converges uniformly on [a,b]. Is the same true if [a,b] is replaced by ? Please see the attached file for the fully formatte

Three-dimensional graphing

1. Find the distance from the origin to the line passing through the point P(3,1,5) and having the direction vector v=2i-j+k. 2. Graph z=x^2 in space.

Graphing to check answers

Using graphing to check your answers is helpful. When you factor a trinomial into two binomials, each binomial represents a linear relationship. If you plot the two binomials (which are just lines) on a graph, what do they have in common with a plot of the trinomial itself? More important than that, how can this information be u

Measurable Functions

Suppose u(x) : X--> R v(x) : X --> R Both u(x) and v(x) are measurable Let f(x) : x --> R^2 f(x) = (u(x), v(x) ) Then f (x) is measurable Now prove a generalization of the above. That is, prove: if u_1(x) : X--> R u_2(x): X--> R . . . . u_n(x) : X--> R u_1,.

Graph, Solve for x and Inverses

1. Graph for the function: f(x)=2-4^x 2. Solve for x: ln(7x-1)=6 3. Solve for x: lnx=3+ln(x-1) 4. Are the following funtions inverses of each other? 1. f(x)=x-1/3 g(x)=3x-1