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    Slope-Intercept Form

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    1.) Write the equation in slope intercept form

    y + 2 = - 6(x-1)

    2.) Determine the equation of each line. Write the answer in slope intercept form.

    The line through (4,0) that is perpendicular to the line x + y = 3

    Solve this problem

    3.) Time on a treadmill. After 2 minutes on a treadmill, Jenny has a heart rate of 82. After 3 minutes she has a heart rate of 86. Assume that there is a linear equation that gives her heart rate (h) in terms of time on the treadmill ( t ). Find the equation and use it to predict her heart rate after 10 minutes on the treadmill.

    4.) If you earned an average of $25,000 over your working life and you retire after 2005 at age 62,63, or 64, then your annual social security benefit will be 7000, 7500, or 8000, respectively. There is a linear equation that gives the annual benefit (b) in terms of age (a) for these three years. Find the equation.

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