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Solving Logistic Functions

The logistic growth function F(t)=600/1+11.0e^-0.16t describes the population of a species of butter flies t months after they are introduced to a non-theatening habitat. how many butterflies are expected in the habitat after 20 months?

Rewrite the equation in terms of base e. Express the answer in terms of natural logarithum ,and the round to the decimal place

Let q be an angle in standard postion. Name the quadrant in which the angle <Theta>
sin<Theta>>0 cos<Theta><0

the current I in ampers, flowing through a particular ac curcuit at time t seconds is
I=120sin(70<Pi>t -<Pi>/6)
what is the period of the current?


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F(20) = 600 + 11*e^(-0.16*20) = 600 + 0.45 = 600.45 = approx. 600 ...

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