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The Role of Logistics Design in Applying "Green" Strategies

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Summarize the role of logistics design in applying "green" strategies, and how management is affected by this approach.

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Role of Logistic Design in Applying Green Strategies
Appropriate design of logistic plays an important role in applying green strategies in an organization. Through the logistic design, company identifies, which green strategies should implement in the organization in order to save money and time. Logistic design also plays an important role in applying green strategies in order to reduce the carbon emission in the country. The main objectives of green strategies are to reduce the CO2 emission, provide significant cost saving, heightened supply chain optimization and boost business performance in the market. With the help of effective logistic design, company can achieve these objectives in significant manner (Farahani, Asgari & Davarzani, 2009).

In logistic design, companies include ...

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The solution assists in summarizing the role of logistics design in applying "green" strategies.

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