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Health Insurance

For-Profit vs. Non-for-Profit

Identify three examples of entities with for-profit, not-for-profit, and government financial environments in the health care industry. Compare the similarities and differences between the for-profit, not-for-profit, and government financial environments. Please refer to the attached question document.

Health insurance companies decide to do to help with marketing

Detail two examples of what health insurance companies decided to do to help with marketing appeal and positioning to consumers regarding choices and selection of a health care plan? Support your discussion with two examples from real life. Include two APA citations from scholarly resources to support the ideas you express in

The Dilemma of Health Insurance for All

Do you think that the factors the insurance companies use are fair to consumers? Diagnosis is an inappropriate activity for case managers. Instead, "encouraging patient compliance" and "suggesting alternative treatments" are appropriate. Why? It is good for everyone to have health insurance. However, some people argue that

Health Insurance: Why it is Not Sold Across State Lines

One of the primary reasons identified for high health insurance premiums is lack of competition. Unlike life insurance, health insurance can't be sold across state lines. Why does such an obvious problem, with an obvious solution, still exist?

Financing Health Care Points

At what point in time can we continue to cut costs and expect the quality of healthcare in the United States to remain as good as it is? I've always been told that there has been a balance between quality, price, and satisfaction. The relationship is that you can have two of the three but not all three. So as we continue to cut

State Licensure Requirements for Medicare Advantage Plan

Discuss state licensure requirements that an organization must comply with in order to become a Medicare Advantage Plan, any exceptions to the State licensure requirement, and any cases in which special consideration is given to particular types of entities. Include two APA citations.

Examining the employer-sponsored sales process.

Describe the employer-sponsored sales process. What is the goal of this process once it is completed? Why is accreditation important? What is the difference between rating and underwriting and how is it used? Identify and discuss any ethical issues that could arise in the underwriting process. Include two APA citations from scho

health insurance

You have just accepted a new job, and while filling out your benefits, you are presented with a choice in insurance. They allow you to either choose a PPO or HMO plan; however, you do not have a strong understanding of either, so you decided to do some research. o What is a HMO? o What is a PPO? o Which do you feel is be

Healthcare Challenges and Opportunities

Using the Fast Company article and the CBS interview with President Obama links that are provided below, identify the two greatest challenges and the two greatest opportunities facing the future of healthcare.

Help creating a position paper on the state of Medicare and the funding crisis.

A panel discussion on the Medicare funding crisis. You have been asked to prepare paper for him. The panel is asked to respond to a proposal for reducing Medicare expenditures by enrolling participants in HMOs. What does the Congressperson say? The following key questions must be addressed in the paper: * Is Medicare i

Fee splitting and other terms are clarified.

What specialist uses inaudible sound waves to outline shapes of tissues and organs? Answer electrocardiograph technologist X-ray technologist phlebotomist ultrasound technologist Which of the following describes an occurrence of fee splitting? Answer When a hospital is paid in proporti

National Health Insurance: Pros and Cons

Â??National Health Insuranceâ? â??Yesterday, the president signed a bill passed by Congress establishing universal-comprehensive health insurance. It will cover all U.S. residents for medically necessary hospital inpatient and outpatient services, physician and other licensed independent practitioner services, and nur

National Health Insurance

Is the National Health Insurance program a threat or an opportunity for health care organizations? If you were a hospital CEO, how would you respond? How would you want your organization to respond before the program is implemented? How would you want to respond after the program begins? How would you expect your relati


Details: The point of a medical office is to help people, but it is a business that needs to generate money to stay open. For this assignment, please include the following: â?¢Identify the difference between billable revenue and collections. â?¢Consider how a medical office might be helped or hindered by a disparity

Annotated Bibliography

1. Select a current health care topic, area of interest, area of weakness in knowledge, need for place of employment and access 5 articles from scholarly journals (may use health, business, sociology, administrative journalsâ?"not newspapers, news magazines). Delve into an area of interest or assist with a project at work. 2

Need help planning a project proposal on HIV/AIDS in women/girls

I am working on a project and would be very interested in hearing your thoughts regarding the impact of HIV/AIDS among women of color. I am hoping this project will set the roadmap for HIV prevention, testing and treatment in the U.S. for years to come. As the caregivers to women and girls living with HIV/AIDS, it is crit

Healthcare Concept

I have been presented a concept that is not quite clear for me to analyze. If I could get some assistance to gain a better understanding. See below. The insurance industry plays a huge role in the American healthcare system and absorbs a significant portion of the healthcare dollar. A single payer system, whether private comp

Discuss how the following factors that affect healthcare delivery.

I am studying concepts that drive healthcare cost and delivery. Need some assistance on how the following may affect healthcare: a. Health insurance in general b. Advances in medical care c. Aging demographics in U.S. d. Changes in patient/provider relationships e. Government support for healthcare f. Consumer expecta

The Uninsured

There are many ways that an individual can pay for health care services today. Although many individuals are covered by various health insurance plans, there are an increasing number of people who cannot afford such coverage, leaving them uninsured. Discuss the reasons why there are such a large number of people that are uninsur

Managed Care Plan Enrollment is the focal topic.

The employees who work in Atlanta, Georgia drive in from 14 counties. It is made up of various types and sizes of companies, employing all ages and ethnic groups. The ABC Insurance Company was very aggressive and quite successful in recruiting companies, organizations, and individuals to join its Managed Care Plans. They spre

Health Insurance

I need help getting started on this assignment. From workers' compensation to professional and general liability, health care administrators must consider many factors in providing adequate insurance coverage for the institution. As your third assignment toward completion of the Session Long Project: Explain the basic co

Managed Care

Managed care has had a profound impact on the way healthcare is delivered and paid for in the U.S. Healing Hands Hospital is significantly impacted by managed care. The operation decisions that Healing Hands Hospital makes must take the managed care reimbursement issues into consideration. Mr. Woods has asked you to help provide

Military, Veterans & Private Health

Please describe some major differences in health policy between the Military Health System, the Veterans Health Administration, and the private sector. Give an example of how policies in one system might influence policy making in another system. What are some criteria for answering the question, "is the issue significant enough

Impact of Illegal Immigrants on Health Care

In need of three reasonable solutions on the impact of illegal immigrants on health care in the U.S. Include the pros and cons of each possible solution. Supplemented with two related articles.

Access to Health Care

I am taking a class on Understanding Health Policy (a clinical approach). My assignment is to do a 5 page paper on Access to Health Care as it relates to the uninsured and underserved population and their ability to pay for health care services, the availability of health care personnel and facilities that are close to where peo

Health Care Costs in U.S.

What is national health care costs in relation to the stakeholders, consumer, and government? What are the issues that consumers have with rising health costs, its financial impact on health care stakeholders and consumers, and how has the government has attempted to control these costs.?

Health Insurance Privacy and Portability Act

As an employee of the hospital one day you noticed two nurses laughing as they were reading something off of a computer screen. You inquired as to what they were laughing at and they proceeded to show you what they were reading. The nurses had looked up information on a rather unique incident of a patient who entered the emergen