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    50 years with the Healthcare System.

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    Health Care has changed dramatically over the last 50 years. Just ask any working person who has been alive for 50+ years, and you will see how prices rose, how the delivery of care has changed, and where we are at the start of the 21st. century.

    What needs to happen now? Free Public Healthcare for all. A first world nation should be able to provide at least basic and emergency care for no or low cost. Managed care, the price of tests and medications has skyrocketed, and we have an aging population that will continue until the last baby boomer is dead.

    If healthcare reform is not achieved in some way, health insurance for all in the least, at a low cost. As the people born between W.W.II and the mid sixties begin to age and need more care, the more urgently we will need Healthcare Reform in the United States.

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    Testimonial of an end user of Public Health, Private doctors, HMO Doctors, Disabilities, Chronic Illness, and living with Medical Self Management.

    I was born at 24 weeks in 1963. Imagine the differences between care today and the way premature babies are treated today.

    By Mayo Clinic staff
    Most pregnancies last about 40 weeks. By definition, a premature birth takes place more than three weeks before the due date.
    A premature birth gives a baby less time to develop and mature in the womb. The result is an increased risk of various medical and developmental problems, including trouble breathing and bleeding in the brain. If you go into labor too early, your doctor may try to delay your baby's birth. Even if premature birth is inevitable, a few extra days in the womb can promote significant development.
    Although the rate of premature birth seems to be on the rise, there's good news. A healthy lifestyle can go a long way toward preventing preterm labor and premature birth. [1]

    My mother was a heavy smoker and a wine drinker while she was pregnant with me. There was no healthy baby plan like the ones available now. Women have a whole prenatal plan, and Public Health has healthy babies as a priority. Healthy babies do cost a lot less money, and then with regular check ups can be just as healthy as any.
    Premature births are on the rise, but it is based on different kinds of unhealthy lifestyle. Smoking and drinking are verboten, as is caffeine. Women these days take prenatal vitamins! These were some of the things missing in my care at the time. I went to a fine hospital and got the best care they knew how to ...

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    How does the end user feel about the changes in Healthcare over the past 50 years? In this account, an end user will briefly describe, with examples and links, the problems that a well person has with healthcare are remarkably different than those who have illnesses and conditions since birth.

    Topics covered here are premature birth, oxygen deprivation and the dangers of over oxygenation of premature babies. The treatment of mild cerebral palsy, and the costs. Private insurance vs. Managed care. The treatment of Type 1 Diabetes, and some thoughts t ponder over the future of Healthcare, and the need for healthcare reforms in the United States as a large percentage of the population ages.