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Exercise, Fitness

Evaluating a Fitness Program

1. Evaluate a Fitness Program Stroller Strides (which can be found at http://www.strollerstrides.com/index.html). Please explain your ratings. Start with 100 points and subtract the points indicated for shortcomings. a. Does the program include sufficient aerobic exercise for cardiovascular fitness (about 20 minutes, 3 da

Advice for a person with high blood pressure

Your maternal aunt is 50 years old and has just been informed by her physician that she has a borderline high blood pressure of 145/102. She is quite worried as your maternal grandparents had high blood pressure that partly the cause of their passing at ages 60 and 62. Your aunt enjoys eating a hearty meal of meat and all the t

Exercise Testing & Heart Patients

Can exercise testing predict the risk of death? What are the implications of exercise for heart patients? I am looking for an article that addresses this topic. Thank you.

Exercise and Coronary Heart Disease during a GXT

What would be objective indications of coronary heart disease during a graded exercise test, and how the results of such a test can be utilized in the cardiac rehabilitation exercise prescription?

Exercise physiology - Mechanical Efficiency during running

Could someone please discuss the practical implications for testing and knowing that someone has significantly lower economy of movement (mechanical efficiency) during running than they should? [This is the second time I have posted this problem because I did not understand the first response which stated ATP. But what does i

O2 & CO2 and anaerobic threshold

What biochemical rationale exists for measuring oxygen consumption, ventilation and carbon dioxide production to infer onset of anaerobic threshold during exerise?

Pulmonary ventilation and exercise

How can I justify that pulmonary ventilation does not limit aerobic exercise performance for most healthy people? Followed by a counter argument for the existence of pulmonary ventilation limitations.

Effect of exercise on elite runner

If elite runners run at an exercise intensity that does not cause appreciable accumulation of blood lactate, why do some of these athletes appear disoriented and fatigued and forced to slow down toward the end of the race?

Why someone is dizzy after doing a maximum lift exercise

What would cause a client to say to me after he completes a maximum lift standing press to say, " I feel slightly dizzy and see spots before my eyes." I am assuming that there is a physiological explanation for this? (I am thinking that there is a lack of blood to the brain.)

Aerobic exercise and mechanical efficiency

What would be practical implications for testing and knowing that someone has significantly lower economy of movement (mechanical efficiency) during running than they should?

Exercise limitations associated with COPD - Emphysema

What would be tests and measures which would probably include resting and exercise measures that would be used to determine exercise limitations in a patient with COPD? How would I use the results of these tests and measures (like: intepert the results whether they be static or dynamic variables) to determine the physiologica