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Exercise Testing & Heart Patients

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Can exercise testing predict the risk of death? What are the implications of exercise for heart patients? I am looking for an article that addresses this topic. Thank you.

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Through research and additional links, this solution assists in determining if exercise testing can predict the risk of death and examines the implications of exercise for heart patients.

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Can exercise testing predict the risk of death? What are the implications of exercise for heart patients? I am looking for an article that addresses this topic. Thanks.


I have located the following article on-line that is very informative. I have provided additional links that you may want to check. I hope this helps.

Exercise testing predicts risk of death
Results can rule out low-risk patients, researchers say

By Steven Reinberg
HealthDay Reporter
(HealthDayNews), Friday, Sept. 5 - Exercise testing not only helps predict a person's risk of death, but it can also help rule out those who don't require aggressive treatment for cardiovascular disease, a study says.
The stress test is a good gauge independent of another test, angiography, which looks for diseased arteries, the study says.
"We found that cardiac exercise testing is a good predictor of death. It is also a very good predictor of people at low risk who do not need aggressive treatment," says Dr. Michael S. Lauer, a cardiologist with the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.
Lauer and his colleagues collected data on 2,935 patients suspected of having heart disease. The patients underwent exercise testing followed by an angiogram. The results appear in the current issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.
During exercise testing, patients walk on a treadmill while their heart rate and blood pressure are measured. During the test, the degree of difficulty is steadily increased as the incline of the treadmill is raised. Speed is also increased until the patient is out of breath or until the heart rate reaches a predetermined level.
The object of the test is to see how well the patient's heart performs under stress. The test has been used for years to uncover heart disease.
This group of patients also underwent angiography, an invasive procedure during which a catheter is placed in the coronary arteries, letting doctors see ...

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