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    Health Campaign plan

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    Population health campaign for heart disease prevention in the African American population

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    The health campaign for heart disease prevention in the African American community should
    consider various methods of reaching the target population, design of the campaign to speak to the
    target population specifically, and whether the campaign will focus on education, prevention, or both
    aspects of heart disease prevention. Before content of the campaign can be considered the structure
    and means of spreading information in the campaign must be decided.
    Though the target population is African American population the population may be divided into
    two categories: Adults and teens. Teens have very different ways of viewing the world and are more
    likely to pay attention to their peers than their parents or older adults. However, it is still important to
    reach African American teens because healthy habits that begin before reaching adulthood are likely to
    be carried on. Therefore, the messages in the campaign aimed at the teen population should focus on
    behaviors that promote heart health, such as exercise and healthy eating habits, using characters and
    language they can relate to.
    TheVERB campaign that targets minority children with messages about physical activity and
    exercise uses child actors in television commercials (Huhman, et al., 2008). This is an option for heart
    disease prevention as well. However, if teens do not understand the risk they may not associate
    themselves with the characters. Commercials, billboards, and social media will be used to encourage
    teens to make wise decisions about food choices and exercise. Such media forms will also incorporate
    some statistics related to ...

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