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Exercise physiology - Mechanical Efficiency during running

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Could someone please discuss the practical implications for testing and knowing that someone has significantly lower economy of movement (mechanical efficiency) during running than they should?

[This is the second time I have posted this problem because I did not understand the first response which stated ATP. But what does it mean by "practical implacations for tesing. Does 'lower economy of movement during running imply incorrect form, wasted energy, bad shoes... I am having a hard time understanding this concept.]

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The exercise physiology for mechanical efficiency during the running are found.

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You do seem to have a good understanding as to what the implications of lower mechanical efficieny are. As you stated this can be due to:
1) Poor form - ie. excessively flailing arms
2) Bad footwear (for example if you are running on wet grass and don't have something that will give you good traction you will expend more energy because you are having to do an extra "push" as your foot slips, OR imagine the difference between a shoe that provides a little cushion and spring as you step down vs a solid hit)
3) Improper biomechanics of running
- this can be because of things like a collapsed arch which as you run will result in excess movements (ie. typically falling ...

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