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Evaluating a Fitness Program

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1. Evaluate a Fitness Program Stroller Strides (which can be found at http://www.strollerstrides.com/index.html). Please explain your ratings.

Start with 100 points and subtract the points indicated for shortcomings.

a. Does the program include sufficient aerobic exercise for cardiovascular fitness (about 20 minutes, 3 days a week)? If no, give a - 10.

b. Does the program include exercises that promote muscle strength, such as sit-ups, push-ups, or weight training? If some parts are left out, give a - 10.

c. Does the program include exercises for flexibility, such as gentle stretch? If no, give a - 10.

d. Does the program allow for varying initial fitness levels...... can you start out slowly and work your way up? If no, give a - 10.

e. Does the program give adequate exercises within a reasonable time each day (at least 20 minutes, but less than an hour, at least 3 days a week)? If no, give a - 10.

f. Does the program include a warm up period? If no, give a - 10.

g. Can the program be performed with only basic equipment, such as shoes, small weights, or a jump rope? Must you join an expensive club to participate? If specific and unusual products must be used, or if large membership fee is required, give a - 10.

h. Is the program safe? If it suggests bouncy stretches or straight-leg sit-ups, give a - 10. If it advocates clearly hazardous practices, such as running in heavy or rubber clothing, don't even consider using it, give it a 0.

i. Does the promoter make only claims backed up by legitimate research? If unorthodox claims are made, such as "no-work fitness," give a - 10.

j. Does the program promote a lifetime fitness plan based on a variety of enjoyable activities? If the program is monotonous, it will soon become boring and difficult to stay with, give a - 10.

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Solution Summary

Based on the supplied criteria, this solution assists in evaluating a fitness program.

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