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    The Six Dimensions of Wellness: Fitness and Activity

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    How does the role of activity and fitness relate to the Six Dimensions of Wellness? What are the top five components of a sound fitness program, and what role does each components play in individual fitness? Please provide references. Thank you.

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    1. How does the role of activity and fitness relate to the Six Dimensions of Wellness?

    The six dimensions of wellness work together as a whole; they are interrelated. The role of activity and fitness is enormous. Although physical activity and fitness are racially part of the physical dimension of wellness, however, it also impacts the other dimensions, such as emotional and intellectual wellness. It is well documented that physical activity and fitness is positively related to emotional and mental well-being. It is more likely that a person who is highly active and fit will be positively related to environmental and social wellness as well. In other words, a person who is fit and active will more likely take an interest in the environment and others, and pursue the greater purposes and meaning of life (spiritual wellness), as well.

    Let's go through the six dimensions and think about the role of activity and fitness relate to the six dimensions of wellness.

    Six Dimensions of Wellness - Wellness is an expanded idea of health and means more than "absence from disease." Health is active, alive and vital. It is the presence of well-being and dignity in the lives of individuals, communities and cultures. True wellness is determined by the decisions you make about how you live your life with vitality and meaning. It is the holistic integration of six interactive dimensions that continually influence each other.

    1. Physical:
    A healthy body is maintained by good nutrition, regular exercise, avoiding harmful habits, making informed decisions about health and seeking medical assistance when necessary.

    2. Emotional:
    The ability to understand your own feelings, accept your limitations, achieve emotional stability and become comfortable with your emotions.

    3. Spiritual:
    The sense that life is ...

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    This solution explains the role of activity and fitness as they relate to the Six Dimensions of Wellness, which are identified and explained. Then the top five components of a sound fitness program and the role that each plays in individual fitness are fully detailed. References are provided.