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    The Six Dimensions of Wellness; Antibiotics

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    I need help understanding these 3 questions and give the reference you use if possible. Please use 100-150 words each questions.

    #1 What are examples of harmful habits within each of the six dimensions of wellness? (150 words)

    #2 What is the impact to society of inappropriate use of antibiotics?(150 words)

    # 3 What are some of the negative consequences of harmful habits to society and individuals?(150 words)

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    #1 What are examples of harmful habits within each of the six dimensions of wellness? (150 words)
    The six dimensions of wellness as written by the National Wellness Foundation are intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional, occupational, and social. Each of these are important for health and well being. They can be harmed by habits or things people do to upset the balance of each.
    intellectual wellness can be harmed by sitting in front of the television for hours at a time, watching without seeing, hearing, or learning. Not continuing to learn throughout life is another harmful aspect to intellectual wellness.
    Spiritual Wellness involves having a meaning to life. Doing things on impulse or without considering the consequences is harmful to this wellness dimension. Also, unethical behaviors and doing things that cause harm to others is harmful to spiritual wellness.

    Emotional wellness can be harmed by not controlling your temper or making angry decisions. Emotional well being is also ...

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    Discussions on the six dimensions of wellness and habits that can create problems. Also, antiobiotics and why they are dangerous.