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Manufacturing Engineering

Determining initial acceleration of a projectile

How can I proceed to solve the problem below? The problem: A projectile enters a resisting medium at x = 0 with an initial velocity Vo = 900 ft/s and travels 4in. before coming to rest. Assuming that the velocity of the projectile was defined by the relation V = Vo - kx, where V is expressed in ft/s and x in feet, determine

Range of Q values for which equilibritum is maintained

How can I solve the problem below. The mechanism shown is acted upon by the force P of magnitude P=20 lb. Knowing that teta=25 degree and that the coefficient of static friction between collar C and the horizontal rod is 0.30, determine the range of values of Q for which equilibrium is maintained. I included the mechanism

Working with boiler suspension bolts.

An HRT boiler is 4766mm long and 3533mm in diameter. It has 66 steel tubes with a diameter of 9mm. The total dry weight of the boiler is 2.565 tonnes. 4 bolts are to suspend the boiler. If each bolt has to be strong enough to support 1/2 the weight of a filled boiler, what will be the diameter of the bolts? Note: each bolt m

Thermodynamics Problem Set

1. Air in a piston/cylinder expands reversibly and adiabatic. The initial temperature is 507K and the pressure is 600Kpa. The final pressure is 120Kpa. Find a) Final temperature assuming constant specific heat. b) Work c) Mass of the air in kg 2. 30,000 kj/h is needed for a heat pump to maintain a building at 20 degrees Ce

Hydraulic Chairs

What mechanisms are used in raising or lowering chairs with hydraulic lifts?