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Manufacturing Engineering

Working with boiler suspension bolts.

An HRT boiler is 4766mm long and 3533mm in diameter. It has 66 steel tubes with a diameter of 9mm. The total dry weight of the boiler is 2.565 tonnes. 4 bolts are to suspend the boiler. If each bolt has to be strong enough to support 1/2 the weight of a filled boiler, what will be the diameter of the bolts? Note: each bolt m

Design of demineralizer for the Boiler water treatment

Problem description A source of water supply water with a Cationic content ( and Anionic content also ) of 123.75 ppm of CaCO3, and a Silica content ( SiO2 ) of 55.6 ppm of CaCO3. The water will be treated using a demineralizer that has two ionic exchange resins : the Anionic and the Cationic ones. The first has a capacit


Consider the steady flow of a Casson Fluid through a rigid circular pipe of radius a, driven by a pressure gradient, show velocity is given by... Please see attachment

Physics Sample Solution: Transverse Biaxial Tensile Stress

Consider a 4-in square steel bar subjected to transverse biaxial tensile stresses of 20 ksi in the x direction and 10 ksi in the y direction. (a) Assuming the bar to be in a state of plane stress, determine the strain in the z direction and the elongations of the plate in the x and y directions. (b) Assuming the bar to be in a s

Brayton Cycle and Gas Turbine Thermal Efficiency

A large stationary Brayton cycle gas-turbine power plant delivers a power output of 100MW to an electric generator. The minimum temperature in the cycle is 300K, and the maximum temperature is 1600K. The minimum pressure in the cycle is 100 kPa, and the compressor pressure ratio is 14 to 1. The compressor has an isentropic effic

Velocity Field Between Two Plates

Two infinite parallel plates are separated by a distance h. The space between them is filled with a Newtonian fluid: density (rho), viscosity (mu). The lower plate is fixed, but the upper plate executes a sinusoidal motion. (U=A*sin(omego*t). Calculate the velocity field between the plates, and plot some representative profiles.