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Determining the Exit Temperature and Power Input of Air through a Compressor

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Air at 150Pa and 310K enters a compressor of inlet diameter 2cm. The Compressor raises the pressure to 3.5 times the inlet pressure and has an outlet diameter of 5cm. Determine the exit temperature and power input required, if the mass flow rate of air is 100kg/hr.

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This solution explains how to determine th eexit temperature and power input of air through a compressor using the properties of Ideal Gases.

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Final Temp T2
We know that
T1 / T2 = (P2/P1)^(K-1)/K
Where k = 1.4 for air as adiabatic process.

T2= (310)/ (3.5P1/P1)^(1.4-1)/1.4

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