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    Determining initial acceleration of a projectile

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    How can I proceed to solve the problem below?

    The problem:
    A projectile enters a resisting medium at x = 0 with an initial velocity Vo = 900 ft/s and travels 4in. before coming to rest. Assuming that the velocity of the projectile was defined by the relation V = Vo - kx, where V is expressed in ft/s and x in feet, determine the initial acceleration of the projectile.

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    First, you need to solve the value of K. To do this, you need to set the energy equation that says:
    (1/2)mVo^2= (1/2)Kx^2 ...

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    This solution is provided in less than 100 words and provides calculations for finding the initial acceleration of the projectile through the use of a total energy equation.