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motion of prejectile

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1. An object is thrown vertically upward with an initial velocity v0. At the highest point in the object's trajectory:
a. its velocity and acceleration are both zero.
b. its velocity and acceleration are both nonzero.
c. its velocity is zeor, and its acceleration is nonzero and directed downward.
d. its velocity is zeor, and its acceleration is nonzero and directed upward.
e. its acceleration is zero, and its velocity is nonzero and directed downward.

2. A train starts from rest and accelerates uniformly at 0.096 m/s^2, until it has traveled 3.0 km. The train then moves at a constant speed for 8.0 minutes. The distance traveled by the train in the entire trip is:
a. 7.6 km
b. 8.5 km
c. 9.1 km
d. 11.5 km
e. 14.5 km

3. A prejectile is fired from ground level on level terrain. The initial velocity components are vox= 100 m/s and v0y = 49 m/s. How far from the initial position, in the horizontal direction, does the projectile reach its maximum height?
a. 120 m
b. 500 m
c. 380 m
d. 620 m
e. not enough information given to determine this

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The solution analyzes the motion of projectile in detail. The velocity and acceleration is determined.

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1. The object is always subject to the gravitational acceleration g = 9.8 m/s2, whose direction is downward.
So the acceleration is nonzero and directed downward.
When the object reaches the highest point, the velocity is 0.
Answer: e

2. With initial velocity v0 = 0 and ...

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