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    Understanding Oscillatory Motion

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    Describe, in detail, oscillatory motion with specific reference to simple harmonic motion.

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    Understanding Oscillatory Motion

    1. Periodic motion:

    When an object undergoes a certain motion repeatedly and is at the same position after lapse of a fixed time, we say the object is executing a periodic motion. Examples : rotation of the planets around the sun, rotation of the earth around its axis, the to and fro motion of a pendulum, the motion of the hands of a clock etc.. In all the above examples, the object is repeating the same cycle of motion again and again, and the time taken to complete one cycle (counted from any arbitrary position of the object till it comes back to the same position again) is fixed. The time taken to complete one cycle is known as "Time period" of the periodic motion.

    2. Periodic oscillatory motion:

    In the examples of periodic motion cited above, what is the difference between the motion of the earth going around the sun and motion of a pendulum? Unlike the motion of earth around sun, the bob of the pendulum moves to and fro between two extreme positions, around a central mean position. ...

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